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Oracle Retail Supply Chain

Oracle Retail supply chain solutions leverage analytics to enable you to make intelligent choices on how to best manage inventory in a multi-tiered supply chain, and synchronise supply chain planning and execution with upstream planning processes to ensure operations align with corporate goals.

Our solutions provide built-in best practices that enable retailers to optimally manage inventory, maximise profitability and customer service, and minimise stockouts over a short payback period.

  • Create a single forecast to drive the entire retail enterprise
  • Balance store/item-level demand and supply constraints, while determining optimal replacement methods to improve in-stock conditions, reduce inventory costs, and maximise service levels
  • Achieve time-phased synchronization with suppliers and consumer demand
  • Reduce inventory holding costs while increasing overall service levels
  • Facilitate the coordinated movement of merchandise and information across the supply chain and throughout the distribution process



Customer Spotlight


    Retail Showcase: Morrisons

    Adam Coy and Stuart Rowlings showcase how Morrisons is leveraging Oracle Retail by applying their solutions across its end-to-end supply chain.


    Retail Showcase: Dubai Duty Free

    Senior VP of IT, Ramesh Cidambi, talks about addressing growth issues by improving its merchandising and supply chain efficiencies and processes.