Dick Raman

Dick Raman

Dick Raman is a successful Entrepreneur, Author and Social Media & eCommerce expert. He founded his first company, TIE Holding NV, in 1987 and took it public on the EuroNext Stock Exchange in 2000 as the first Internet Company in The Netherlands.

On January 1, 2011 he founded BrandReact, Inc, a Social Media Marketing organization with offices in The Netherlands and in Miami, Florida.

He has gained worldwide recognition as a leading authority in the field of Internet Marketing, Social Media & eCommerce. He has published a number of successful books including “XML/EDI – Cyber Assisted Business in Practice”, “Internet Marketing Made Easy” and “Tweeteronix – Using Twitter for Business and Pleasure”. He is a recognized visionary and frequent keynote speaker at Social Media & eCommerce events worldwide.

In addition to managing his company, Dick has played a key role in standardization of global eCommerce through various private and United Nations-sponsored standards organizations. He served as Chair of the UN/CEFACT Forum Management Group, providing leadership for global B2B integration standardization. He was elected Chairman of eBIF, the European Interoperability Forum, set up under the auspices of CEN/ISSS and the European Commission.

Dick Raman, is a graduate of Free University of Amsterdam, having received a Doctorandus degree in Business Economics.

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