Gregory Pouy

Gregory Pouy

Graduated from Euromed and Aston Business School, Gregory Pouy is primarily a marketer.

He made his debut as an advertiser chez Noos at first and then finally in Goldwell and Bouygues Telecom. During this time, he worked in marketing development and CRM both in B2C B2B.

Opening his blog in 2005 initiated his entry into the digital world by becoming CEO of BuzzParadise (Vanksen group) and then Director of Communication and strategy of Vanksen group eventually joining Nurun where he created and led the media / social media department.

In 2012, he founded the consulting firm LaMercatique to assist companies and organizations in understanding and integrating the digital world.

To name a few, Gregory is currently working with the L'Oréal Group, Krug (LVMH), Guerlain (LVMH) & Courrèges.

Trainer for many years, Gregory also teaches in several schools including HEC, ESSEC and Dauphine. He also writes for a online newspapers and collaborates regularly in writing books on marketing in the digital age.

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