Henrik Sandberg

Henrik Sandberg

Henrik is a passionate coffee drinker with a great interest for everything about the internet and marketing.

Henrik has a Bachelor and Diploma in marketing and business administration and throughout his professional career he has continued his studies in internet marketing, digital strategies and advanced search engine marketing.

He also studied analyzing consumer behavior at New York University, has extensive experience in desktop design and is the proud owner of Google advertising professional (GAP) certification.

This experience has provided Henrik with both strategic, tactical and practical application throughout his career. Commercially, he has worked as a marketing and SEO professional for major companies in Denmark including Wavin, NRGi and Blue Line. During his time in the USA he also worked as a financial analyst at Bloomberg.

Henrik is the founder of www.SeoCustomer.com and is passionate about blogging stating,’ It’s all about SEO, SEM, Social Media Traffic and Link Building.’ He started the blog back in 2011 and thinks its a great way to share knowledge and insight with the wider marketing audience.

And did we mention…. he loves coffee

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