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Six Social Champions from across Europe will share their tips, tricks and expertise, battling to be crowned #TheSocialInfluencer.
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The Social Champions

Our six European social champions are battling it out to create the most engaging, interesting and influential content based around our four core pillars of social media marketing best practice - Listen, Create, Publish, Influence.

Over the next four months, they will share their industry best practice recommendations over multiple channels, including blogging, tweeting and, finally, debating the results of our survey in a live Google hangout.

Get to know our social champions below, pick your favourite, then show your support to crown #TheSocialInfluencer 2014!

Meet the Champions

  • Dick Raman

    Dick Raman

  • Gregory Pouy

    Gregory Pouy

  • Ira Reckenthäler

    Ira Reckenthäler

  • Steve Welsh

    Steve Welsh

  • Lilach Bullock

    Lilach Bullock

  • Henrik Sandberg

    Henrik Sandberg

Latest blog posts

  • In a blogger’s shoes: better understand influence marketing

    Author: Gregory Pouy

    Even though relationships between brands and bloggers go back as far as 2006, this system remains terribly misunderstood. As Fast Company points out, in a world of jealousy, one is often afraid of the unknown. It is common to see fashion bloggers described as brainless idiots, wholly superficial and egocentric, who enjoy taking pictures of themselves because they have nothing better to do.

  • How to influence your audience

    Author: Lilach Bullock

    The words “social influence” sum up many connotations. Simply typing them into Google will bring up many psychological definitions and meanings, with the top ones being “changing minds” and “persuasion.” Let’s park the psychological descriptions for now… for me, personally, it turns me off and doesn’t resonate well

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