Ira Reckenthäler

Ira Reckenthäler

Ira has a degree in business administration with a focus on marketing and strategic management as well as over 21 years experience in B2B PR and Communications Agencies.

From 1995-2005 Ira worked as a Senior Consultant and was member of the Management Communication Agencies in Munich and Dusseldorf.

Following this from 2005-2010 she joined the E-Plus Group and worked as a Press Officer and Head of Social Media for mobile communications data protection.

Since 2010 Ira has been Chief Marketing Officer & Partner of Wildcard Communications GmbH, and lectures on digital culture of dialogue as well as training companies on strategic vision for PR & Social Media.

Ira has received several communications awards: including the DPRG PR Gold Award in 2006 and 1996, the Global Newcomer Award from the Text 100 Group.

Ira describes herself as a ‘Social Media Grown-up’, and is crazy about gadgets and digital trends. She is married, a passionate mother of a six year old son, and in her spare time she runs a lot, likes to cook Asian cuisine.

Latest blog posts

  • There is no communication without listening

    Our Ira Reckenthäler Social Champion, gives her insight into how the Communication consists of many different elements, which give a full picture only when combined with one another.

  • Creativity - the key element in communication

    In recent years, social media has become an ever more important and more challenging part of public communication. Every tweet, every post, every shared message ideally results from a creative planning stage and an individual communications strategy.

  • Publish – The right channel is vital

    Because the ways in which media are used are continuously changing, and at the same time digital media are rapidly becoming ever more diverse, it is possible to publish and distribute content simultaneously via numerous different platforms. But how do you identify the right channel and how can you ensure that your desired target group can be reached via a specific channel?

  • Influence – Effective Influence in Modern Communication

    There has never been a need for virtual town criers in the digital world. Anyone trying to brashly influence customers or blatantly push their own message not only falls short of the mark but is quick to earn scorn on social networks.

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