Steve Welsh

Steve Welsh

One of the UK’s leading social media and digital marketing specialists, developing meaningful digital strategies based on goals, analysis and action.

As an advocate of H2H (human to human) marketing through the principle know, like and trust, the social media platforms have enabled him to exploit and share his unique insight into the relationship between offline and online marketing. This in turn has enabled his clients to dramatically increase lead generation and customer service levels through a systematic and detailed approach.

After three years of building a community of engaged entrepreneurs and business people, his website and blog now rank in the top 200,000 of website popularity globally out of 621million websites worldwide (source: Alexa traffic rank). Before creating a start-up commercial print and design company and winning six awards for customer service (source: Minuteman International New York), Steve spent 24 years in the motor industry. There his achievements included leading seven multi million pound businesses from 'zero to hero' in customer acquisition.

Steve, who has been actively involved in social media and website design since 2007, put his success down to taking advantage of the opportunities in cloud computing, data capture and technology.

Born in Scotland’s capital city and growing up in The Highlands, he is no stranger to a kilt and bagpipes - thankfully no images are available. His professional journey began when he moved to London through his sport at the tender age of 16. Steve put himself through further education for 7 years, whilst working full time in engineering and training every day.

Today he educates businesses, creates solid, measurable foundations for his clients and connects all the disciplines necessary in a ‘technology-driven’ world. Steve has a passion with what can be achieved in this ‘joined-up’ world. He also has a love of cycling, music and playing guitar. If he is not outdoors, he is usually spending time with his family, and quietly sneaking off to watch “The Big Bang Theory”.

As with most self-confessed sci-fi geeks, he has a love of finding out how things work; nothing issafe from being stripped down and rebuilt.

Steve’s mission in life is to share value and his knowledge, guiding businesses on an inspirational journey online.

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