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The world of marketing has changed. It’s no longer enough for an advert to scream at consumers, or for a salesperson to tell them what to think. Modern marketers ‘influence’ prospects - showing buyers how a product solves their problems and how a brand can enrich their lives.

How do you turn your customers into advocates?

The holy grail of social media engagement is ‘brand advocacy’ - when your most engaged customers recommend your business to others. This ‘word of mouth’ promotion is one of the most convincing marketing channels out there - 70% of people trust consumer opinions posted online.

How do you know if your social media content is effective?

The best social media strategies involve constant measurement and readjustment. Who’s reading your content? Is it driving conversations - and ultimately sales? Are there any ‘snags’ in the buyer journey which your content could smooth over?

Metrics to measure include: best content for platform, month-by-month comparison and comparison by customer segments.

Can you prove ROI from social media engagement?

Every marketer is under pressure to prove ROI. The right software makes it easy to prove social media engagement - down to tracking details of each customer to show which buyers engaged on social media sites, and at what stage in their ‘buyer journey’ this took place.

You can’t improve something you can’t measure. The metrics available in your social media management software will help you to understand what aspects of your social media engagement are and aren’t working - helping your team target future strategies.

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