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Learn how to reach out and engage with consumers via social influencing.

The world of marketing has changed. It’s no longer enough for an advert to scream at consumers, or for a salesperson to tell them what to think. Modern marketers must ‘influence’ prospects, showing them how a product or service will solve their particular pain and how a brand will enrich their lives.

Social media is the perfect space in which to exert this influence, a channel where messaging can be pushed out without ‘shouting out’ - appearing in news feeds, ready to be consumed and more importantly, shared.

Is that all there is to influencing?

No - the holy grail of social media engagement is ‘brand advocacy,’ where your most engaged customers become a social media influencer. They recommend your products or services to others because they respect your brand.

This ‘word of mouth’ promotion is one of the most convincing marketing channels out there:

of people trust consumer opinions posted online.

of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations.

So how do you turn your customers into advocates?

By offering targeted, rich content that will appeal to them and that they will want to share. You should observe the ones who comment, download your eGuides and react to your calls-to-action. More importantly, you should look at what they share and who they share it with.

In turn, this can inform your future content plans, tailoring ever more specific content that will increase the advocate’s loyalty.

That’s great in theory – but how do you know if your social media content is effective in the first place?

The best social media strategies involve constant measurement and readjustment. Who’s reading your content? Is it driving conversations? And ultimately sales? Are there any ‘snags’ in the buyer journey which your content could ‘smooth over?’

But how can you prove there is a ROI from social media engagement?

It’s a question that troubles the CMO; the C-Suite always wanting to know how your social media strategy is delivering on its promise and when they can expect to see a ROI. Naysayers claim that it is impossible to measure the effectiveness of social media – but their cynicism is woefully misplaced.

Using the right software makes it easy to prove social media’s ROI. The right software allows CMOs to drill down into each customer and their engagement with your social media channels, as they journey through the sales funnel. It also allows you to identify a potential social media influencer.

Better still, the metrics will show you which aspects of your social strategy are and aren’t working, aiding your team to target future campaigns; thus boosting ROI even further.


  • Create content that is valuable, helpful and shareable to win consumer trust.
  • Don’t underestimate the power of consumer recommendations to their peers.
  • Identify and monitor your potential advocates via social media management software.
  • Tailor content based on what the advocate has positively responded to in the past.
  • Prove social’s ROI potential by using hard data - qualified metrics are vital to convincing the C-Suite that social is worth the investment.

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