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Everything has changed…
The age of the sales funnel is long gone. In its place is the customer’s journey where buyers are no longer relying on traditional sales material or advertising to make up their minds – but on a whole host of different resources including social media channels.

It makes life for marketers difficult because there is no longer a single direct route to customers. And making matters even more complex, no one potential buyer has all the power; buying decisions are increasingly made by ‘committees’ these days.

So how do we address this seismic shift in power?
One key strategy is where we choose to publish our content. It’s essential to leverage the correct channels to ensure that our content is available at every stage of the customer’s journey; content that will inherently appeal to each influencer involved in the buying process because we’ve mapped out their individual journeys and personas.

But which channels should we choose to create and target content for?
There are so many to choose from, right? From the ‘Big Four’ (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube) to visual-driven channels including Instagram and Vine, there are multiple channels all vying for our attention.
It’s down to the CMO and their marketing team to draw up an effective deployment strategy. Though the “Big Four” will already figure large in your existing strategies, it’s best to research where your customers enjoy ‘hanging out’ when online; where they are exchanging opinions with their peers – and then creating content that can plug into that channel and resonate with customers.

Bear in mind too that consumer attention spans are shrinking:

12 seconds


Eight seconds

It would in part explain why content is becoming so ‘bite-sized,’ and why visual-driven publishing platforms such as Vine and Instagram’s popularity are on the increase. And this ‘nugget-journalism’ approach is something that needs to be considered when strategizing where and what you are going to publish – think infographics, Slideshares, Uberflips and Vines.

Start small scale in a new channel and analyze the resulting data; this can feedback into what kind of content to plan for and help identify similar channels that could be exploited.

How much of an impact is mobile having on these channels?

Like the customer’s journey, mobile is changing everything. The last few years have seen more and more consumers choosing mobile platforms over traditional PCs. Smartphone sales have been outstripping those of PCs as far back as 2011, and tablets are now posing a substantial threat as well:

Tablet sales growth year-on-year (Q4 2012 vs. 2013)


PC sales decline year-on-year (Q4 2012 vs. 2013)

It’s essential then that any content is ‘sticky’, punchy and in a format that can adapt to whatever screen size it is being viewed on.

This all sounds like a juggling act from hell…

And you’d be right – but savvy companies are breaking down interdepartmental silos to enable their employees to help each other to adapt to this new paradigm. With the right tools in place, previously disparate customer communications can be brought together in one place. This enables departments to collaborate - tackling and strategizing emerging sales trends and issues that can then feedback into the customer’s journey and your social media publishing strategy.

Most importantly, it will help your teams to present a consistent, coherent brand across every channel you publish on now and in the future.

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