The National Geographic Experience:
Technology in Exploration

When: October 1–October 3
Where: Moscone West, Booth 3509

For nearly 125 years, the National Geographic Society has been bringing the world to audiences around the globe and inspiring people to care about the planet. Technology has played a major role in our ability to explore our world. From high in the sky to deepest depths of the ocean floor, National Geographic’s Tech Team constantly seeks new and innovative ways to capture amazing images and exciting information about our world for National Geographic explorers, filmmakers, and photographers. The result: never-before-seen, eye-popping imagery and video.

Join us for The National Geographic Experience in Booth 3509 of Moscone West to see fascinating examples of National Geographic's technology in exploration, including a miniature video-shooting aerial drone, a dangerously bright light that allows for capturing incredible underwater images, robotic cameras that have flown through rainforests and seen the deepest and darkest places in the ocean, and Crittercams designed to capture an animal’s eye-view of the world. Don’t leave OpenWorld without the opportunity to have your photo taken for the “cover” of National Geographic Magazine in our interactive photo booth.

For the past four years, together Oracle and National Geographic have partnered to lead the way in ocean education and marine research providing training and educational resources about ocean science and geography for students, educators, families, the ocean recreation community, and the general public.

"Oracle NetBeans technology provides the foundation we're using to create an innovative new underwater camera trap. We feel this technology has the best chance yet of capturing HD video of the elusive Giant Squid and other alien sea life that lurk in the abyssal darkness between the surface and the ocean floor. Our Oracle Neatbeans based development tool has helped increase our workflow productivity so that National Geographic can focus on getting the new system wet."

- Eric Berkenpas, Director of Engineering

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