Oracle OpenWorld Cross-Stream

Oracle OpenWorld Cross-Stream

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This year's Oracle OpenWorld offers several tracks that apply across solution and product areas. Learn about Oracle's cloud computing, enterprise management, and security strategies and find out more about Oracle's engineered systems, including Oracle Exadata Database Machine and Oracle Exalogic Elastic Cloud, in cross-stream tracks that span the Oracle stack, from applications to disk.


Big Data and Business Analytics

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Data volumes are increasing tenfold every five years, yet a majority of executives say they are not getting the information they need to make important decisions. In this track, learn how Oracle’s business analytics platform and solutions can help your organization harness exploding data volumes and derive real business value from new and diverse digital data streams, including big data and unstructured data from relational data sources. Hear how Oracle’s business analytics platform makes it easy to integrate big data into your data center, providing the tools to capture, discover, organize, and analyze a wide variety of data types from different sources and enabling visualization of information at the speed of thought. Attend sessions covering Oracle’s full range of business analytics solutions, from data management to data integration and from BI technology to packaged applications for operational analytics and performance management. Learn how you can more effectively address today’s top analytics challenges, including big-data analysis, predictive analytics, mobile BI, financial and operational planning, financial close and reporting, and more. Products covered in this track include Oracle Exadata, Oracle Big Data Appliance, and Oracle Exalytics In-Memory Machine as well as Oracle Business Intelligence Foundation Suite, Oracle Endeca Information Discovery, Oracle Real-Time Decisions, Oracle Business Intelligence Applications, and Oracle Hyperion Enterprise Performance Management applications.


Cloud Computing

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Oracle helps customers realize the speed and efficiency benefits of cloud computing through a broad choice of cloud offerings for private, public, and managed clouds. Oracle provides the most complete, integrated cloud offerings spanning software as a service (SaaS), platform as a service (PaaS), and infrastructure as a service (IaaS) for public, private, and hybrid clouds. Oracle cloud solutions are built on open standards and enable portability between cloud and on-premises deployments. In this track, learn from Oracle experts and customers how Oracle’s cloud applications, platform, and infrastructure can get you to the cloud with confidence.


Engineered Systems and Oracle Optimized Solutions

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Sponsored by Intel

Why do customers’ data centers still demand a “do it yourself,” massively customized approach? This necessity proves costly and complex, forces customers to deal with a wide range of vendors for each application, and fails to deliver performance optimization for application and data workloads. Oracle believes systems (just like automobiles) should be designed and engineered “at the factory” with the goal of reducing customers’ costs and complexity and delivering extreme performance, reliability, availability, and simplicity. Learn how Oracle is delivering on this today and how customers are seeing these benefits with Oracle Exadata Database Machine, Oracle Exalogic Elastic Cloud, Oracle Exalytics In-Memory Machine, Oracle SPARC SuperCluster, Oracle Database Appliance, and Oracle Big Data Appliance. In addition, hear about Oracle Optimized Solutions, fully documented, pretested architectures made up of uniquely matched storage, servers, operating systems, and virtual machines that are configured and tested together with middleware, database, and application software to create complete stack solutions for the enterprise. Ideal for customers that want to implement Oracle technologies while retaining the flexibility to adjust the system to fit within their existing IT environment, these proven architectures accelerate deployment times and include sizing guidelines to facilitate better capacity planning, reduce risk, and ensure optimal performance for enterprise software environments.


Enterprise Management

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Sponsored by CSC

Is your cloud delivering business differentiation? Join us in this track to learn what it takes to gain total control of your enterprise cloud. With the introduction of Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c, you can now transform your IT to cloud while achieving 12 times better operational agility for your cloud, mission-critical IT applications, and traditional IT environments. You will see firsthand how Oracle is helping customers go from zero to cloud in less than a day, provision applications 84 percent faster, reduce time-to-resolution of service requests by 50 percent, and easily manage user experiences for millions of customers. Architect-focused sessions will cover enterprise cloud planning and optimization. Practitioner sessions will cover management of Oracle Applications, Oracle Fusion Middleware, Oracle Database, Oracle Linux, Oracle Solaris, Oracle servers, Oracle storage, and Oracle engineered systems in cloud and traditional environments, featuring customer testimonials throughout.


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Security is a top concern for IT organizations worldwide. Unfortunately, enterprise security continues to be a moving target driven by increased regulatory pressure, sophisticated threats, and insider fraud. In this track, you will learn how to adapt to these changes and apply state-of-the-art solutions to protect all of your enterprise systems, applications, and data from internal and external threats. You will learn how to prevent intrusions and monitor and detect security risks, and you will hear from Oracle experts and customers about the strategies and solutions needed to tackle today’s top IT security challenges.

Social and Mobile Computing

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With businesses becoming more social every day and 85 percent of the world’s population now counted as mobile subscribers, no organization can afford to ignore the opportunities and challenges these trends present. In this track, learn how Oracle social and mobile solutions help companies transform themselves into social businesses and securely extend enterprises to mobile technologies. See how Oracle’s social business solutions, including the social business tools and applications, enable employees to connect easily, solve problems faster, engage customers with targeted and personalized experiences, and cocreate valuable services with partners to rapidly expand and extend their organization’s reach. Hear about integrated mobile technology from Oracle that enables businesses to provide timely access to critical information while ensuring security and keeping up with changing demands, devices, and operating systems. Closely aligned with Oracle’s overall strategy, Oracle’s enterprise mobility solution provides a simple, smart, and secure approach to easily and securely extending the enterprise to mobile devices. Sessions in this track provide best practices, practical solutions, and inspiration for for social and mobile business transformation.

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