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Understanding the competitive and strategic dynamics in your industry is critical to your company’s success over time. With a product footprint that enables every role in every key industry, Oracle understands industry market dynamics and customer needs and can help you determine which go-to-market strategies are best suited to your organization. In this stream, you will have the opportunity to learn more about Oracle’s continued commitment to deliver industry-specific solutions that deliver measurable value to your company’s bottom-line results. Join Oracle product experts and industry leaders for discussions ranging from Oracle’s industry roadmap, to transformational business strategies, to more intimate sessions around solution-specific challenges.

CSC Services

Aerospace and Defense

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Sponsored by CSC

With U.S. Department of Defense budgets in decline, many defense firms are rebalancing their portfolios of offerings across existing, new, and adjacent markets. Yet the #1 priority within the industry remains program performance: How well contracts are executed and customers are satisfied defines how most defense firms differentiate themselves and create value. With affordability mandates, company mergers, and international expansion efforts, however, execution is rife with complexity. Join us for the Aerospace and Defense track to find out how Oracle and CSC are providing best-in-class IT solutions built on Oracle’s Siebel Customer Relationship Management and Primavera applications, Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition, Oracle Exadata, Oracle service-oriented architecture solutions, and Oracle Hyperion that enable leading aerospace and defense firms to modernize their enterprise infrastructures, integrate their global workforces, rebalance their programs and portfolios, and quantify their next generation of project performance.

Tata Consultancy Services


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Sponsored by Tata Consultancy Services

The financial crisis that erupted in late 2007 created one of the most disruptive forces in economic history. Its impact was particularly severe within the automotive sector, resulting in staggering losses at several North American, Japanese, and West European–based automakers. While the road to recovery for the industry has been tumultuous, some pioneering firms have used this crisis as an opportunity to restructure their operations, rationalize their product portfolios, and reinvigorate their supply networks. Join us for the Automotive track to find out how Oracle and Tata Consulting Services (TCS) are helping leading automotive OEMs, suppliers, and distributors leverage Oracle’s Siebel Customer Relationship Management and Demantra applications, Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition, Oracle Exadata, Oracle service-oriented architecture and master data management solutions, Oracle Hyperion, and Oracle Transportation Management to integrate their sales, marketing, and service functions; optimize inventory and logistics operations; improve financial and operational performance; and consistently deliver exceptional customer experiences.



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Sponsored by Accenture

Communications service providers and network equipment providers are seeking solutions to optimize their business processes, networks, IT systems, and supply chains; rapidly launch innovative services and business models; and deliver world-class customer experiences and thriving brands. The Oracle OpenWorld Communications track offers a comprehensive overview of Oracle’s industry-specific solutions and services, along with numerous customer-led sessions providing details into the strategies communications companies are using to address the industry’s most challenging issues.


Consumer Goods

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Sponsored by Deloitte

Today’s consumer goods companies face many challenges: improving brand equity and loyalty; effectively managing trade spend; differentiating themselves against private label; managing a complex supply chain; and delivering a high-quality, safe product. At Oracle OpenWorld, hear directly from Oracle consumer goods customers who have moved beyond enterprise resource planning and are mitigating these challenges with Oracle solutions. Find out why all of the 100 largest consumer goods companies rely on Oracle to power their growth. Join Oracle experts, partners, and customers in the Consumer Goods track for these customer-driven sessions.

Education and Research

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The Education and Research track examines how higher education, research institutions, and school districts are using Oracle solutions—applications to disk—to meet and adapt to the changing needs and demands of all their constituents: students, teachers, parents, faculty, staff, graduates and alumni, governance bodies, and the extended community of supporters and stakeholders. Take advantage of these targeted sessions to learn how Oracle can support the requirements of small institutions as well as large multilocation school districts, university systems, and research institutions worldwide.

HItachi Consulting

Energy and Resources

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Sponsored by Hitachi Consulting

The energy and resources sector, always complicated and capital-intensive, is becoming an even more complex place in which to operate. The new unconventional plays, such as shale gas, tight oil, ultra deepwater, oil sands in Canada, new pipelines, refineries, LNG terminals, and the extraction of minerals, are requiring energy and resource companies across the world to deploy a new generation of tools purpose-built for these environments. At Oracle OpenWorld, you will hear perspectives from industry peers, strategists, and thought leaders on how solutions are being implemented for big data, supply chains, asset management, strategic planning, and commodity trading in the energy and mining sectors.

Engineering and Construction

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The outlook for the engineering and construction industry looks promising as infrastructure spend across the globe reenergizes the global commercial construction industry. The North American real estate and residential sectors, although experiencing a stalled recovery, are also showing promising signs of revival. Now more than ever, construction companies need to effectively plan and manage construction projects, reduce costs by automating back office processes, accelerate revenue growth by focusing on their most promising customers, and share knowledge across the organization. The Engineering and Construction track explores these challenges through sessions that showcase Oracle’s solutions and customer successes in the engineering and construction industry.


Financial Services

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Sponsored by Deloitte

Banking, insurance, and capital wealth markets continue to occupy front-page headlines around the globe. Ongoing economic uncertainties in Europe, pending health insurance reforms in the U.S., and increased regulation and scrutiny worldwide are challenging banks and insurers to transform the way they do business. In the Financial Services track, you will hear from Oracle industry experts and customers discussing how Oracle applications can help you innovate to keep pace with ever-changing markets, simplify your IT environment, manage compliance, and transform your enterprise from a twentieth-century model to a twenty-first-century way of doing business.



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Sponsored by Deloitte

Today’s healthcare organizations continue to face significant challenges in the health reform environment to improve quality and the patient experience in a more collaborative payer and provider environment while lowering costs. Organizations across the entire healthcare ecosystem—from traditional freestanding nonprofit hospital providers, health systems, commercial insurers, and government service agencies to academic medical centers, specialty care networks, and other world-class healthcare organizations—are leveraging technology to improve quality and outcomes and develop collaborative infrastructures for information exchange, organizational growth, and delivery of accountable care while building on common synergies for a transformative environment. In this track, learn how Oracle’s comprehensive industry-leading solutions for healthcare payers and providers are enabling healthcare organizations to drive change and achieve results.


High Technology

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Sponsored by Infosys

Expanding global consumption of consumer and other electronic equipment is a driving force behind the entire high technology industry. With some product lifecycles as short as three or four months; continued pricing pressures and promotion frequency; and increasing globalization, product complexity, and customer expectations, high technology companies must achieve transparency and efficiency in order to grow profitably. They must perform nearly flawlessly, whether knowing where to invest for the next product or service innovation; achieving maximum growth using extended sales channels; or collaborating with strategic design, supply, manufacturing, and logistics partners up and down the supply chain. To reach this level of performance, high technology enterprises cannot afford a steady state approach toward meeting business challenges. Instead they must continuously create innovative and cohesive approaches that build processes and capabilities to unite enterprise stakeholders, solve business problems, and provide real value. In this track, learn how Oracle solutions can help high technology enterprises do just that.


Industrial Manufacturing

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Sponsored by HCL

As financial markets in the developed economies of America, Japan, and Western Europe continue to fluctuate, cash flow remains a constant concern for manufacturers looking to recover from the global economic crisis and create a new culture of sustainable growth. Exacerbating recovery efforts, however, are the increasingly competitive threats from emerging and pioneering markets of BRIC and ASEAN countries; global expansion and the associated demand variability; and skyrocketing prices for fuel, energy, and other raw materials. As if these conditions weren’t difficult enough, the earthquake and tsunami that devastated cities across Japan in March of 2011 brought the manufacturing sector in that region to its knees. While these crises forced many of the world’s largest manufacturers into mergers and bankruptcies, they also gave birth to a variety of new business models and market opportunities that are now paving the road to recovery and the next generation of manufacturing excellence. Join us for the Industrial Manufacturing track to hear how Oracle and HCL are helping manufacturers harness the power of Oracle’s Siebel Customer Relationship Management, Primavera, Demantra, and Agile applications; Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition; Oracle Exadata; Oracle service-oriented architecture and master data management solutions; and Oracle Hyperion to innovate high-profit products and services, enable their project-driven supply chains, optimize financial and operational performance, and maximize customer lifetime value.

Life Sciences

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Leading life sciences organizations are modernizing their business processes, research practices, architecture, and technology infrastructure in an attempt to become more nimble and increase capacity. Oracle’s continued product innovation; complete, open, and integrated applications; and enhanced end user experience enable life sciences organizations to address their most critical business challenges. Oracle’s complete industry solution footprint uniquely enables life sciences companies to innovate, manufacture, and sell more effectively—all while managing compliance and minimizing risk. Attend sessions in the Life Sciences track to learn how Oracle’s powerful combination of clinical technology and comprehensive business applications can help you address key challenges such as costly, high-risk discovery periods and shrinking patent expiration limits.

Professional Services

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Across the globe, the services sector continues to expand, adding significantly to the GDP of industrialized economies. As service-based businesses expand, predictive service execution is becoming key in order for them to scale globally and grow their service portfolios, their customer base, and their global footprint. The Professional Services track explores these challenges via sessions that demonstrate how service companies manage talent, leverage business intelligence, and transform their back office operations. Learn how your professional services organization can take advantage of Oracle’s broad software and hardware solution portfolio to predictably deliver services, automate contract-to-service execution processes, and drive revenue growth.

Public Sector

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Managers and leaders are seeking new ways to use information technology to improve services and reduce costs. The Public Sector track examines how governments are using Oracle applications and technology today to become more innovative, integrated, and intelligent in order to meet these challenges. Take advantage of targeted sessions to learn how your peers are transforming service delivery, increasing efficiency and transparency, and modernizing the IT infrastructure to deliver better information for decision-making, better deployment of resources, and better-targeted public policy. You will hear perspectives from industry strategists and thought leaders on gaining operational efficiencies, enforcing regulatory compliance, reducing costs, improving security, leveraging cloud technology, and improving constituent services.



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Sponsored by IBM Global Services

As a retailer, you know how quickly consumer behavior, your competitive environment, and the technology landscape are changing. To drive profitable growth, you must provide superior experiences for your customers and align those experiences with smarter decisions and processes. What sets the best retailers apart is their ability to align business processes that enable a truly differentiated customer experience. Leading retailers create connected internal and external interactions that put the customer at the center of your decision making—from planning to execution—on a single enterprise platform, using technology to align roles and connect the cross-channel working environment of retail executives, merchandisers, planners, store associates, and more. This is your experience platform. With a business systems architecture that simultaneously enables insight, fosters interaction, and optimizes operations, the customer experience is transformed. In this track, learn how to deliver on your brand promise and drive profitable growth through seamless cross-channel experiences.

Tata Consultancy Services

Travel and Transportation

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Sponsored by Tata Consultancy Services

The global travel, transportation, and hospitality industries will see growth and enhanced profitability in 2012 as travel and logistics demand rebounds across the globe. After focusing for years on cost reductions, the industry needs to focus squarely back on its customers, bringing new services to market quickly, and complying with ever-increasing regulatory requirements. Understand how you can meet these pressing industry challenges with Oracle’s comprehensive portfolio of solutions for airlines, logistics service providers, and hospitality. Travel and Transportation track sessions offer an overview of Oracle’s solution footprint and showcase innovative use of Oracle solutions in the travel and transportation industry.



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Sponsored by Accenture

Join utility industry professionals and technology experts for a broad range of sessions focused on demonstrating how water, gas, and electric utility companies can expand market opportunities, maximize operational efficiency, improve customer satisfaction, leverage new technologies, and address environmental challenges. Hear about the critical issues facing your industry peers today, including how to increase returns from advanced metering infrastructure investments, efficiently manage your smart metering initiatives, enable smart grids and reduce the impact of outages, optimize work and asset management, transform field service operations, leverage analytics to better manage big data, and increase customer service levels to maximize overall customer lifetime value. Oracle industry specialists will be on hand to answer your questions and to demonstrate Oracle’s mission-critical solutions, technology, and applications for the utilities industry.

Wholesale Distribution

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In this track, hear how Oracle's wholesale distribution customers successfully meet their business requirements and overcome operational issues by using Oracle’s industry-specific solutions. Understand the value Oracle applications and technology solutions provide beyond enterprise resource planning (ERP) to reshape and streamline business process improvement in the wholesale distribution industry. Hear directly from several Oracle wholesale distribution customers how they have enhanced their ERP investments by adopting new functionality to support strategic business needs, creating a sustainable differentiation in their market. Sessions cover a range of wholesale distribution topics, including how to succeed in your sales and marketing initiatives; using Oracle business intelligence solutions for better, quicker analysis; and case studies detailing how Oracle customers have been able to respond more dynamically to changing markets, gain operational flexibility, and increase inventory availability with demand-driven execution.

Secondary Tracks

Sessions can also have a secondary, optional track that further categorizes the session. Secondary tracks include all the Primary Tracks, as well as specific Applications product lines.

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