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Oracle’s optimized infrastructure delivers the biggest opportunities for fundamentally changing IT economics and adding value to the business through massive simplification and extreme efficiency. With hardware and software engineered to work together, Oracle’s workload-optimized infrastructure products and solutions eliminate huge amounts of IT labor and radically improve IT agility and the runtime qualities of IT environments, including performance, availability, security, and management. In the Server and Storage Systems stream at Oracle OpenWorld, you’ll learn how Oracle’s complete server and storage portfolios combined with Sun Flash technologies and innovations in Oracle Solaris and Oracle Linux can help your organization improve the ROI of your application investments. Discover how Oracle’s complete and integrated application-driven virtualization solutions, including virtualization for SPARC and x86 architectures, can help you gain better efficiencies across your business. Get updates on how Oracle storage products and solutions can accelerate database performance, improve application responsiveness, and meet your data protection needs.

Oracle Linux

"The best Linux for enterprise computing, Oracle Linux with the Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel, brings the latest innovations to market—delivering extreme performance, advanced scalability, and reliability for enterprise applications and cloud deployments, at the lowest cost. In the Oracle Linux track, you’ll learn how organizations worldwide are realizing the true benefits of complete and integrated solutions with Oracle Linux and Oracle’s world-class Linux support program. As the industry’s only Linux provider that develops and supports both the Linux hardware systems and the Linux operating system, find out what Oracle is doing to optimize the development, deployment, and management of Linux solutions through rigorous testing initiatives and deployment best practices. Discover how Oracle is driving the enterprise Linux technology roadmap with new features and enhancements, such as Ksplice zero-downtime updates, making Linux a faster and better operating system for all. Meet Oracle’s Linux engineers, experts, customers, and partners, and get answers to all your Linux questions."

Oracle Servers

Oracle’s SPARC and x86 servers and blades, the Oracle SPARC SuperCluster engineered system, and Oracle Optimized Solutions provide unmatched application performance; mission-critical reliability, availability, and security; and dramatically reduced operating costs. Learn how the uniquely integrated design of Oracle’s servers greatly simplifies data center architectures and management and provides a highly flexible and efficient foundation for cloud computing. Sessions will discuss best practices and optimized solutions for application, middleware, and database performance acceleration; system tuning; configuration and sizing; and the latest product developments and roadmaps. Gain real-world insights from Oracle server experts, customers, and partners on how to transform your data center quickly and economically with hardware and software engineered to work together.

Oracle Solaris

The #1 enterprise operating system is now the industry’s first cloud operating system with Oracle Solaris 11. Its more than 55,000 customers makes Oracle Solaris the top deployment platform for Oracle Database. In this track, learn how Oracle Solaris can be a core part of transforming your data center into a more flexible, virtualized, cloud-ready environment and how you can leverage the new features in Oracle Solaris 11 to dramatically reduce the overhead in managing a complex data center operation. Discover how choosing Oracle Solaris is a smart business investment, providing years of protection unparalleled in the industry. Find out how Oracle Solaris takes the fear and uncertainty out of systems management, from upgrade management to network virtualization. See how Oracle Solaris is optimized to provide the best experience for your Oracle software deployments. The Oracle Solaris track is the one stop at Oracle OpenWorld that brings together the experts developing the core Oracle Solaris platform and exciting customer and partner examples that showcase unique uses of the latest Oracle Solaris features.


Oracle Storage

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Oracle storage is designed to allow Oracle software to run faster and more efficiently through best-of-breed capabilities and unique Oracle-on-Oracle features and integration points. Oracle provides differentiated storage capabilities, which enable customers to optimize their business and achieve the highest levels of agility, from application to archive. Learn how the unique capabilities of Oracle storage simplify data center architectures and storage deployments for everything from high-performance Oracle databases to cloud computing. Sessions include best practices and case studies focused on performance optimization, efficient capacity utilization, data protection, security, and storage management. You’ll also find information on the deployment and tuning of database, NAS, SAN, and tape solutions both by themselves and in conjunction with Oracle servers, databases, middleware, and applications. Gain real-world insights from Oracle optimized storage experts, customers, and partners on how to transform your data center quickly and economically with hardware and software engineered to work together.


Oracle Virtualization

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Oracle offers the industry’s most complete and integrated virtualization, from desktop to data center. Going far beyond simple consolidation, Oracle delivers integrated control and simplified lifecycle management with a 360-degree view of your operation—from the application stack to virtual as well as physical servers. Find out about Oracle’s highly optimized and integrated hardware and software virtualization solutions, including roadmaps for products such as Oracle VM Server for x86, Oracle VM Server for SPARC (Logical Domains), Oracle Virtual Desktop Infrastructure, Sun Ray Client and Sun Ray Software, Oracle Secure Global Desktop, Oracle VM VirtualBox, and Oracle Solaris Containers. Get a real-world view of how virtualization is transforming IT from traditional computing to cloud computing and helping organizations meet green IT and business goals more quickly.. Learn best practices, and acquire the knowledge to simplify and speed enterprise application and desktop deployments from days and weeks to hours and minutes. Secure real tips on how to accelerate the real value of server and desktop virtualization to your business.

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Sessions can also have a secondary, optional track that further categorizes the session. Secondary tracks include all the Primary Tracks, as well as specific Applications product lines.

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