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Welcome to Oracle. We value your investment and expertise in server virtualization and encourage you to begin your partnership with Oracle right away. With Oracle, you can offer a complete virtualization and operating system stack with Oracle Enterprise Linux and Oracle VM that permits dramatically faster and easier deployment of enterprise software. Also, you can broaden your solution portfolio with Oracle and improve your ability to differentiate your business and increase customer retention through a broader and deeper footprint in your accounts. Learn more about how partnering can benefit your business.

Please join us for a webcast on June 23 at 9:00am Pacific Time. Oracle Alliances & Channels and Oracle VM Product Management will give an introduction to Oracle Corporation, the Oracle VM product line, how Virtual Iron products are planned to be integrated, and your partnership opportunities. Click here to attend.

There are several partnership options within our program and you can select the best fit based on your target customers, the solutions you want to offer, and the level of benefits and resources you'd like access to as an Oracle partner.

  Visit the Oracle VM Knowledge Zone. This is an immediate way to get acquainted with the Oracle VM solutions and related partner enablement resources.  As we get closer to the release of the integrated product, we'll provide product information and resources.
  The Oracle Remarketer Program may be a good fit for your business if your focus is resale, your target is the small or medium sized customer, and your interest is opportunistic transactions or high volume sales. There are no startup costs, so you can quickly and easily start to transact business with Oracle - with no fee to participate. Learn more.
  Oracle PartnerNetwork may be the better fit if your target is the enterprise customer, because you will have access to Oracle Enterprise Edition products. In our world-class partner program, you can work with Oracle’s broad product portfolio and access extensive resources and benefits designed to support a partner’s entire business lifecycle. Learn more.

I look forward to accelerated growth together and ongoing customer success.

Warm Regards,
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Judson Althoff
Senior Vice President
Worldwide A&C and Embedded Sales

Partnering Options and How to Get Started

Oracle Remarketer Program
There are no startup costs and as a Remarketer you can
immediately sell any of the Oracle 1-Click Technology products. You can also re-distribute or embed Oracle VM in your solutions at no charge. And soon, in the July-August timeframe, you will be able to resell Oracle VM Support as a Remarketer. All with no fee to participate.

To transact business with Oracle as a Remarketer, you work directly with an existing Oracle Remarketer Authorized VAD. You can transact business on day one with a Remarketer Authorized VAD, and then work directly with that VAD for training, support, enablement and other reseller services.

Your company has room to grow if your business needs change. You can start building your business today with Oracle by transacting as a Remarketer, and then consider joining Oracle PartnerNetwork to engage with a full range of Oracle offerings including Enterprise Edition products.

  • Where can I get more information about the Oracle Remarketer Program?
    Visit here
    for more information about the program, which Oracle products are included, how to contact an Oracle Remarketer Authorized VAD, and more.
  • How do I enroll in the Oracle Remarketer Program?
    Contact one of Oracle’s Remarketer Authorized VADs at

Oracle PartnerNetwork (OPN)
OPN is a rich and collaborative program that helps partners succeed by selling and servicing Oracle's broad product portfolio. You can explore offering new solutions to your customers: Oracle Database options; Data Warehousing solutions; Oracle Middleware including Business Intelligence, Application Server, SOA, Identity Management, and Developer Tools; and Oracle Applications. Members in OPN have access to all the tools, resources, and benefits needed to support their entire business lifecycle with Oracle.

The ability to resell Oracle VM Support is coming soon to the Remarketer Program. But if you want to do this right away, you will want to consider OPN.

    • Where can I get more information about OPN?
      Learn about OPN membership. Information about Education, Development, Support, Sales, and Marketing - tailored by partner type and level, so you can focus on what is relevant to your company's relationship with Oracle.
      The OPN portal tutorial will help you quickly learn about resources.
    • How do I join OPN?
      Click here to complete Steps 1-3 
      Step 1: Create a web account
      Step 2: Complete the enrollment form and agree to the online terms of the OPN agreement
      Step 3: Grant access to the OPN portal to your colleagues

Need Assistance?
Contact your local OPN Partner Business Center
Questions about partnering? Email us

Additional Resources
Virtual Iron Partner Change in Control Policies and Procedures: available after login on Virtual Iron’s VNnet Partner Portal
Review the Virtual Iron Partner FAQ
Learn about Oracle VM
Find more acquisition information at



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