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Dear partner

In support of Oracle EMEA A&C's strategy to strengthen the value you deliver to Oracle, grow and protect your business in the Broad Market and recognize your contribution, it is important that you understand the fundamentals of Oracle's Open Market Model and the benefits it can deliver to your business.

Oracle's OMM policy consists of three distinct initiatives designed to recognise you for bringing business to Oracle:

  • OMM Resale - selling a net-new indirect deal to the broad market
  • OMM Referral - referring an opportunity to Oracle
  • OMM Co-Sell - assisting Oracle in closing a transaction with an end user directly

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to read more on OMM Policy.

We have seen an increase in the number of partners recognising the value of registering deals under OMM, which has made a significant contribution to the EMEA pipeline. The number of OMM registrations has increased as follows:

  • During H1FY12* over 1,300 EMEA partners registered over 10,000 deals.
  • Registrations have been made across all product lines, including Technology, Hardware, Applications and Engineered Systems
  • The Hardware registrations alone increased by a huge 2,500% over FY11.

*(June 1st, 2011 to December 1st, 2011)

I encourage you to continue this upwards trend and use OMM to grow your business in the broad market. By using OMM, you can receive many benefits such as:

  • Compensation: OPN IP registration rebate, OMM resale compensatory fees and OMM referral fees
  • Deal Protection: 365 day protection on your broad market deal
  • Recognition: Incremental Revenue Contribution, Co-Sell Revenue Contribution, Transaction Credit towards your OPN Specialisation
  • Transparency: OMM creates transparency and allows your Alliance & Channel Manager to view the deals that you are working on exclusively

What do partners say?

For Inserve, Oracle´s success in the marketplace is critical. We are learning how and when to register cases in OMM and how to escalate them when necessary. The rebate program initiated 6 months ago indicates to us Oracle's strong commitment to its partners. Through OMM our cooperation with Oracle direct sales is improving.

Matts Agélii, CEO
Inserve Technology AB

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To help you get involved, we have promoted a series of innovative programs in EMEA such as: Leave your Footprint, Extra Mile Incentive, Spring Break VIP Treat, WE Alliance Specialization Days.

To find out more and get details on the next "EMEA Partner - Getting Started on OMM" training date please contact the Oracle Partner Business Centre or your Partner Manager.

Best regards

Dermot O'Kelly

Senior Vice President, EMEA Alliances & Channels

Oracle Corporation

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