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Value-based Project Registration Initiative


Gold Level or Above (EMEA, North America, APAC and Japan partners only. Additional regional requirements apply for APAC and Japan)

This initiative is not applicable to:

  • Public Sector accounts in EMEA, North America, APAC and Japan
  • Applications Business for NAS

The Value-based Project Registration initiative is a complement to Oracle's existing Open Market Model (OMM) Resale Registration Initiative and provides partners a new option for registration at the project level. This initiative is also applicable to a subset of OPN IP Exempt accounts in Oracle's commercial business known as OPN IP Exempt Accounts eligible for Value-based Project Registration (VPR). Partners with approved, valid VPRs in these accounts are eligible to submit OMM Resale Deal Registrations for their approved VPR project and to receive all benefits associated with an approved OMM Resale Deal Registration. Please note, for these accounts, an approved OMM Resale Deal Registration is a pre- requisite for the payment of ANY OPN Incentive Program rebates.

The objective of a Value-Based Project Registration initiative is to reward partners for finding new business and making longer term project-based investments. Partners will be able to register long term projects by declaring the value-add activities that they will engage on with the customer during the project's cycle.