Specialization Update – New Program Enhancement, June 2012

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Specialization Update – New Program Enhancement, June 2012

On June 29, 2012, Oracle launched a redesign to our Specialization Program.  

  • The program has been redesigned to appropriately recognize product versions.
  • When the suite of products within a Specialization has significantly changed product versions (e.g. Oracle Enterprise Manager 11g to Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c) a new Specialization will be created. 
  • Partners will be expected to migrate to the newest product version within one year of the version launch date.
  • Partners maintaining the most current product version Specialization will receive Specialization benefits and their Specializations will count towards meeting Platinum and Diamond membership criteria.

By implementing product version Specialization, we believe we will streamline the continual maintenance that a partner must undertake to meet new product version requirements and improve operational efficiencies.

In the upcoming months you will see updates on the Oracle PartnerNetwork (“OPN” Portal) and to some of the tools that you use, such as the OPN Competency Center.  Here's an overview of the changes:

  • Your existing Specialization(s) will be renamed with the correct product version number and will remain valid for as long as the product version remains current.  The new Specialization nomenclature will be visible in PRM, OPN Competency Center, Specialization Tracker and the Solutions Catalog.  Specialization renewals will no longer be required.  When the Specialization product version changes you will simply apply for the new Specialization once you meet the criteria.
  • Logos with the product version will soon be available on the portal
  • Changes will be made to the OPN Policies supporting the redesign.

To prepare you for these enhancements, please review the OPN Product Version Specialization FAQ, keeping in mind that the changes will not be reflected in systems and documents until later in June.

Stay tuned for more information!

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