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August 2013




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In an effort to more tightly align Oracle's future desktop virtualization portfolio investments with Oracle Corporation's overall core business strategy, we have ended new feature development for Oracle Sun Ray Software (SRS), Oracle Virtual Desktop Infrastructure Software (VDI), Oracle Virtual Desktop Client (OVDC) Software, and Oracle Sun Ray Client hardware (3, 3i, and 3 Plus). Customer support and the renewal of support contracts for these products will continue uninterrupted. Customers can continue to purchase new licenses. Exact time-frames for a last order date for Oracle Sun Ray client devices will be announced shortly.

Going forward, Oracle's desktop portfolio investments will be focused on continued development and new enhancements to both Oracle Secure Global Desktop and Oracle VM VirtualBox software.

Extension of Premier Support for Software

Though there will be no new feature additions to these products, customers will have access to maintenance update releases for Oracle Virtual Desktop Infrastructure and Sun Ray Software, including Oracle Virtual Desktop Client and Sun Ray Operating Software (SROS) until Premier Support Ends. To ensure that customer investments for these products are protected, Oracle Premier Support for these products has been extended by 3 years to following dates:

  • Sun Ray Software - November 2017
  • Oracle Virtual Desktop Infrastructure - March 2017

Note that OVDC support is also extended to the above dates since OVDC is licensed by default as part the SRS and VDI products.

The extension of support means that customers under a support contract will still be able to file service requests through Oracle Support, and Oracle will continue to provide the utmost level of support to our customers as expected, until the published Premier Support end date. Following the end of Premier Support, Sustaining Support remains an 'indefinite' period of time.

UPDATED! Sun Ray 3 Series Clients Last Order Date Details

For Sun Ray Client hardware, customers can continue to purchase Sun Ray Client devices until the following last order dates:

Product Marketing Part Number Last Order Date* Last Ship Date*
Sun Ray 3 Plus TC3-P0Z-00, TC3-PTZ-00 (TAA) February 28, 2014 August 31, 2014
Sun Ray 3 Client TC3-00Z-00 February 28, 2014 August 31, 2014
Sun Ray 3i Client TC3-I0Z-00 February 28, 2014 August 31, 2014
Payflex Smart Cards X1403A, X1404A February 28, 2014 August 31, 2014

Please note that availability of supply cannot be absolutely guaranteed up to the last order date due date due to the inherent unpredictability of demand and we strongly recommend placing last time buy orders as early as possible to maximize Oracle's ability to fulfill orders.

UPDATED! Peripheral Kits (Keyboard/Mouse Kits) Last Order Date Details

The last order date for all Peripheral Kits (part numbers starting with 3701A-xx, X3701A-xx, 7105xxx) is February 28, 2014 and the last ship date is August 31, 2014 with the exception of the following

Peripheral Kit Part Number Last Order Date* Last Ship Date*
Spanish X3701A-ES, 3701A-ES November 31, 2013 February 28, 2014
Japanese X3701A-JP, 3701A-JP November 31, 2013 February 28, 2014

* All last order and ship dates are subject to change. For the most up to date information and announcement please check the Oracle Virtualization blog.

Warranty replacements for Sun Ray Client hardware for customers covered by Oracle Hardware Systems Support contracts will be available beyond last order dates, per Oracle's policy found on here. That policy states:

  • Oracle Premier Support for Systems will be available for a minimum of five years from the last ship date of the hardware system.
  • After five (5) years from last ship date, replacement parts may not be readily available and the response times for sending replacement parts may be delayed.

By design, Sun Ray Clients have an extremely long lifespan and mean time between failures (MTBF) - much longer than PCs, and over the years we have seen, even to this day, first and second generations of Sun Rays still in daily use. This is no different for the Sun Ray 3, 3i, and 3 Plus. Because of this, and in addition to Oracle's continued support for SRS, VDI, and SROS, Sun Ray and Oracle VDI deployments can continue to expand and exist as a viable solution for some time in the future.

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