Oracle Exastack Optimized Eligibility Criteria

Oracle Exastack Optimized Eligibility Criteria

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Level Exastack Program Criteria Business Criteria
Gold, Platinum, Diamond Partner Administrator:

  • You must be an OPN member at the Gold level or higher.
  • Apply for and achieve one or more of the following:
    • Oracle Database Ready and Oracle Exadata Ready status or
    • Oracle WebLogic Ready and Oracle Exalogic Ready status or
    • Oracle Exalytics Ready status or
    • Oracle Database Ready, Oracle Solaris Ready  and Oracle SuperCluster Ready status 
  • Apply for and achieve Oracle Solaris Ready, Oracle Linux Ready, or Oracle VM Ready status.
  • Complete the Oracle Exastack Optimized Application for each product you would like to test.
  • Accept the terms and conditions of the Oracle Exastack Optimized Addendum.
  • Maintain current profiles for both your company and software application on the OPN Solutions Catalog. Update your profiles here.


  • Own an application software product* that is verified to function with the latest major release (PDF) of the applicable Oracle Exastack Optimized products (within 12 months of general availability of said product[s]).
  • Oracle review and acceptance of your Oracle Exastack Optimized program application.
  • A complete testing of your application within 120 days of your acceptance into the Oracle Exastack Optimized program.
  • Have a qualifying order** for the purchase of an Oracle Exadata Database Machine , Oracle Exalogic Elastic Cloud, Oracle Exalytics In-Memory Machine or Oracle SuperCluster system for:
    • Your own use to host your proprietary application software.
    • Your own use as a development and test environment.
    • Distribution to an end user pursuant to an applicable distribution agreement with Oracle.

  • Develop and publish an Oracle Exastack Optimized Datasheet (datasheet template).
  • Upon approval for Oracle Optimized status, we strongly recommend that you add the corresponding logo(s) to your product website and collateral.

Meet the Requirements? Apply Now

*The following partner products are NOT eligible for Oracle Exastack Optimized:

  • Third-party Hardware
  • Device Drivers
  • Mobile Devices
  • Operating System (OS) Certification
  • Third party Cluster File System (CFS)
  • Non-native File Systems
  • Migration Tools
  • Application Development Tools
  • Systems and Storage Management products
  • Vendor Clusterware
  • Virtualization Technology
  • Interconnect Protocol
  • Web Browser
  • Backup Agents
  • Virus Security Software

In addition to the excluded product types above, qualifying software applications must connect/integrate to Oracle Database using a published Oracle API or SDK documented on

** "Qualifying order" is defined as a ¼ rack system or larger of an Oracle Exadata Database Machine or Oracle Exalogic Elastic Cloud or Oracle Exalytics In-Memory Machine system. "Qualifying order" is defined as a ½ rack system or larger of an Oracle SuperCluster.