Oracle Global Trade Management Specialization Criteria (Qualifying Specialization)


The Oracle Value Chain Execution (VCE) - Global Trade Management (GTM) Specialization recognizes partner organizations that are proficient in developing, selling and/or implementing VCE - GTM modules.

Oracle Global Trade Management (GTM) is a unique global compliance solution that allows companies of all sizes and in all geographies to centrally manage their global trade operations. And, since it was developed as an integrated component of Oracle's logistics suite, GTM enables companies to optimize, automate, and monitor cross-border transactions in ways that were not before available from best-of-breed software providers.

Global Trade Management (GTM) automates the trade process, accelerates cash flow, and enables global commerce. Built on Oracle Transportation Management's global framework, GTM allows companies to holistically manage all aspects of trade and transportation on a single logistics platform.

Topics covered in this Specialization include: GTM Product Overview, Jurisdiction Management, Trade Master Data, Product Classification Process, Restricted Party Screening, Compliance Rules, Sanctioned Territory Screening, Trade Transaction, Implementation ideas to Improve Operational Efficiency and Case Study to drive the Boot Camp.

Oracle partners who achieve this Specialization are differentiated in the marketplace through proven expertise in implementing Oracle's Global Trade Management Solution.

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Applicable Date: 01-APR-2014

Business Criteria
Active OPN Membership at the Gold Level or above
Customer References
# Of Transactions *

Oracle Global Trade Management Sales Specialist


Oracle Global Trade Management PreSales Specialist


General Product Support Specialist v4.0


Oracle Global Trade Management Certified Implementation Specialist (1Z0-589)


*U.S. and Canada: Partners in the U.S. and Canada may be eligible for some Oracle PartnerNetwork membership benefits identified above (excluding Specialization Benefits and Tools) based on criteria that include revenue amounts, numbers of transactions, or numbers of customer references. Achievement of such criteria will be based only on transactions with commercial customers. Transactions with public sector entities will not be included in the determination of eligibility for such benefits. Public sector entities include any government, legislature or decision making body, judiciary, court, instrumentality, department, or agency at any level (national, state, city, local, municipal or otherwise); entities managed, controlled or majority owned by government interests; public organizations or foundations of any kind (including political parties, political organizations, or political candidates); and any public international organization, such as, but not limited to, the International Red Cross, United Nations, or the World Bank; and public utilities, public higher education, public K-12 schools, or public healthcare business entities. Availability of Specialization Benefits and Tools is subject to the OPN Policies.

For questions about the availability of a specific assessment test or any other criteria, please contact the Oracle Partner Business Center.

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