Oracle Solaris 10 Specialization Criteria


No longer qualifying after June 29, 2013.

Partners attaining the Oracle Solaris 10 Specialization will qualify for benefits associated with this Specialization until June 29, 2013. After June 29, 2013, the Oracle Solaris 10 Specialization will no longer qualify for the Specialization Benefits, however specialized partners will retain their Oracle Solaris 10 Specialization until the version of the product reaches End of Service Life (EOSL). Partners are encouraged to meet the criteria and apply for the most current versions of product Specializations. Learn more about Product Version Specializations (PDF).

The Oracle Solaris 10 Specialization recognizes partner organizations that are proficient in selling, implementing and/or developing Oracle Solaris 10 solutions.

The Oracle Solaris 10 Operating System is a proven enterprise platform for running everything from mission-critical enterprise databases to high performance Web farms. Its cross-platform capabilities along with built-in features for virtualization, high availability, advanced security, and industry-leading performance help customers lower costs, simplify system administration, and maintain high service levels.

Topics covered in this Specialization include an Oracle Solaris 10 technical product overview, Oracle Solaris 10 installation, configuration, and troubleshooting, Oracle Solaris 10 software management, virtualization, and networking.

Oracle partners who achieve this Specialization are differentiated in the marketplace through proven expertise in Oracle Solaris 10.

Business Criteria
Customer References
# Of Transactions *This criterion effective June 1, 2011
Non-Commission Co-sell
Oracle Solaris 10 Sales Specialist Assessment

** Oracle Solaris Sales Specialist Assessment (19 Jun 2012 - 20 Jan 2013)

Oracle Solaris 10 PreSales Specialist Assessment

** Oracle Solaris PreSales Specialist Assessment (19 Jun 2012 - 20 Jan 2013)


General Product Support Assessment (v3.0)

Oracle Solaris 10 Certified Implementation Specialist

Achieving this certification requires that the student complete the required steps to become an OCP for Oracle Solaris 10 System Administrator

Oracle Certified Professional, Oracle Solaris 10 System Administrator

* The calculation of transactional and revenue figures and thresholds for benefits, and the determination of eligibility for partner levels and benefits will be based on commercial transactions only. Public sector transactions (including federal, state & local, public utility and higher educational entities) will not be included in any determination of partner levels and benefits.

**These accreditations count towards meeting the competency criteria to join the Oracle Solaris 10 Specialization. The Oracle Solaris Sales Specialist and the Oracle Solaris PreSales Specialist accreditations earned prior to June 2012 can be used to receive credit towards this Specialization until January 2013.

For questions about the availability of a specific assessment test or any other criteria, please contact the Oracle Partner Business Center.

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