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Use Oracle Accelerate Per-Month Pricing Proactively, to Increase the Affordability of Your Solution and Shorten Your Sales-Cycle

Many top partners have learned to use Oracle's financing or leasing options for license resell to resolve budgetary, accounting treatment, and approval path in their deals… but the most experienced partners offer financing proactively - before any constraint is known - to avoid closing obstacles altogether!

With Oracle Accelerate Per-Month Pricing information available online at the Oracle Accelerate for Midsize Companies Knowledge Zone, partners have a self-service tool for pricing resell deals (Per-Month pricing may also be available for partner services).

Proactively structuring your sale with financing allows you to:
  • Increase the affordability of the Oracle Accelerate solution
  • Grow deal size (or protect deal from break-up) by selling into multiple years' budgets
  • Uncover hidden closing obstacles
  • Create a path to the financial decision maker
  • Provide a competitive differentiator or match

The current Oracle Accelerate Per-Month Pricing Multiplier is 0.0451 through June 30, 2012.

Click here for more information.

The Multiplier shown is valid for U.S. and Canada. To access a Country Multiplier Table listing multipliers for other available countries click here.

If you have any other specific questions or need additional help in quoting your deal with Oracle Financing, please contact your Oracle Financing or Oracle Sales representative.

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