Oracle Documaker Standard Edition 12 Implementation Essentials

Oracle Documaker Standard Edition 12 Implementation Essentials

Oracle Documaker Standard Edition 12 Implementation Essentials (1Z0-570) exam identifies professionals that are skilled in implementing enterprise document automation using Oracle Documaker Standard Edition. The certification covers basic configuration skills for building industry-leading document automation solutions that help organizations create, manage, and deliver adaptive enterprise communications. Oracle Documaker improves efficiency and reduces cost in insurance (property and casualty, life and annuity, and health), financial services, utilities, telecom and the public sector.

The Oracle Documaker Implementation Specialist certification recognizes OPN members as OPN Certified Specialists. This certification differentiates OPN members in the marketplace by providing a competitive edge through proven expertise.

This certification helps the OPN member’s partner organization qualify for the Oracle Documaker Specialization.

Exam Number:
1Z0- 570
120 minutes
Associated Certifications:
Oracle Documaker Standard Edition 12 Implementation Specialist

OPN Certified Specialist
Number of Questions:
Exam Price:
US$ 245

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Exam Validation:
Exam validated against release 12
Exam Format:
Multiple Choice

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Recommended Training
Oracle Documaker Standard Edition 12 Implementation Essentials – Exam Study Guide

OPN Guided Learning Path:
Oracle Documaker Standard Edition 12 Implementation Specialist


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Exam Retake Policy
Specialization Catalog (PDF) for all launched and planned Specializations
Product Mapping to Specialization (XLS)
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Exam Topics

Intro to Oracle Documaker

  • Explain usage of Oracle Documaker
  • Define the Documaker Studio (DMS) managers
  • Define the Documaker Studio (DMS) tools

Workspace Creation

  • Describe Oracle Documaker Workspace
  • Identify difference between single-user and multiuser workspace
  • Modify DMS layout

Managing Users and Access

  • Describe the default users and their access rights
  • List and describe the technical requirements
  • Describe the System Administrator's access
  • Describe the User Administrator's access
  • Describe the Library Administrator's access

Documaker Studio Settings

  • Analyze the functional requirements at a high level
  • Define the business process
  • Define the inputs required
  • Define the output(s) to be produced
  • Perform required for document analysis
  • Configure the Forms Settings
  • Configure the Section Settings
  • Configure the Recipients

Architecture and Technical Analysis

  • Explain Documaker RP architecture
  • Analyze and design the system that fulfills document production and management requirements
  • Define logical architecture and hardware architecture
  • Address security, data transformation, custom coding

Implementation Methodology

  • Use best practices for implementing Oracle Documaker
  • Perform the forms analysis process
  • Perform document analysis
  • Perform the font analysis process


  • Describe the Libraries functions
  • Analyze the various Library options
  • Promote/export a function
  • Use the Import Files function
  • Delete/collapse a revision


  • Create a Common Field Dictionary
  • Create an XDD


  • Create graphics in DMS
  • Modify a LOGO in Graphic Manager

Forms Creation and Conversion

  • Create a new form
  • Convert forms
  • Explain paragraphs and paragraphs list


  • Describe the components that are converted in DMS
  • Convert resources to a form/files/paragraphs
  • Complete Bills

Overflow, Grouping, Subform

  • Perform overflow processing
  • Add overflow to a form
  • Add grouping to a section
  • Configure subform processing


  • Explain trigger types
  • Configure a form level trigger
  • Configure a section level trigger

Form Level Rules

  • Explain form level rules
  • Configure a common section level rule
  • Apply a common form level rule

Section Level Rules

  • Explain section level rules
  • Configure a common section level rule

Page Segments and SetOrigins

  • Create a new page segment
  • Modify a SetOrigin


Flat File Processing

  • Explain Flat File Processing
  • Map using flat file techniques
  • Configure Overflow with flat file techniques
  • Define the output(s) to be produced


  • Explain the Definition Manager
  • Create a Definition file (BDF)
  • Create a Business Unit
  • Create a New Recipient
  • Create a Form List

Triggers and Document Automation Language (DAL)

  • Explain the form trigger methods
  • Use a form level trigger
  • Use a section level trigger
  • Explain a DAL trigger
  • Create a DAL
  • Describe the Rules Processor Hierarchy

Documaker Directory Structure

  • Explain the DMS default directory structure
    Install DMS
  • Review the default directory structure

Configure Documaker

  • Configure GENTNW32
  • Configure GENDAW32
  • Configure GENPTW32
  • Configure GENWPW32
  • Configure GENACW32
  • Configure DM for Single-step processing
  • Configure DM for Two-step processing
  • Configure DM for Multi-step processing


  • Explain WIP
  • Analyze WIP input files/output files

Library Promotion

  • Explain the library promotion process
  • Promote the resources


  • Deploy the resources



Oracle Certification Program Fraudulent Activity Policy

Oracle reserves the right to take action against any candidate involved in fraudulent activities, including, but not limited to, fraudulent use of vouchers, promotional codes, reselling exam discounts and vouchers, cheating on an exam, alteration of score reports, alteration of completion certificates, violation of exam retake policies or other activities deemed fraudulent by Oracle.

If Oracle determines, in its sole discretion, that fraudulent activity has taken place, it reserves the right to take action up to and including, but not limited to, decertification of a candidate's Oracle Certified Associate, Oracle Certified Professional and/or OCM credentials, temporary, indefinite or permanent ban of a candidate from Oracle certification programs, notification to a candidate's employer, and notification to law enforcement agencies. Candidates found committing fraudulent activities forfeit all fees previously paid to Oracle, or to Oracle's authorized vendors, and may be required to pay additional fees for services rendered.

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