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General Program Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions


What are the benefits of specialization?

Specialization offers partners the opportunity to gain competitive advantage through differentiation. Partners that earn specializations put themselves in a position to grow their business by being recognized by Oracle and preferred by customers. Specialization allows:

  • Partners to differentiate themselves by showcasing their areas of expertise
  • Customers to select preferred partners based on their expertise
  • Oracle sales teams to recognize partners that have invested in the Oracle portfolio
  • Showcased in the Partner Showcase and can be found in the Solutions Catalog

Additionally, specialized partners receive specialized branding; internal and external promotion in newsletters, Web sites, and advertising; free Oracle Certified Professional (OCP) exam vouchers, free support, and much more. Please click here for details.


How do I earn specializations?

Follow these steps:

1. Join at the appropriate Membership level of the OPN program.
2. After you application has been processed; Join the respective Knowledge Zones to your areas of focus for Specializations.
3. Fulfill competency and business requirements and once completed submit your application.


In what areas can I earn specializations?

For a complete list of specializations, please click here (PDF). More areas of specialization will be added going forward.


What is the approximate time investment required to earn specializations?

There are many training options available, but for the online guided learning paths (GLPs) and assessments for each specialist type for the respective solution, the following lists approximate average time necessary:

  • Sales Specialist: 4 hrs
  • Presales Specialist: 4 hrs
  • Support Specialist: 2-3 hrs
  • Implementation Specialist: 8 hrs
  • Partner boot camps: 1-5 days

What is the cost to become specialized?

Training costs vary by area and by your existing level of knowledge on the specific solutions.

  • Sales and Presales assessments = US$0
  • Implementation or developer assessments = US$125 for technology areas and US$199 for applications areas.

Can associate companies become specialized as well?

Yes, Worldwide and Associates may pool their resources to assist each other in becoming specialized.


Do I have to take all the training, or can I simply take the assessment?

Partners that are confident in their knowledge in a specific specialization area can take the assessments without taking the recommended training courses.


Will my existing competency qualifications help towards achieving specialization?

Yes. If you have the relevant Oracle Champion or Oracle Certified Professional qualifications on the current versions, these qualifications will count toward the competency criteria of specialization.


Is there a minimum number of specializations required at the Platinum or Gold membership levels?

Platinum partners are required to achieve and maintain a minimum five qualifying specializations. Gold partners are encouraged to become specialized, but there are no specialization requirements at this membership level.


What are the criteria to earn specializations?

There is a single set of global criteria tables for each specialization. These criteria vary by specialization but include fulfillment of competency criteria and business criteria (i.e. customer references and transactions). To learn about the criteria for your solution specialization, go to www.oracle.com/partners, select the respective Knowledge Zone for your desired solution, and review the Specialize tab.


How will my specialization be communicated?

Partner specializations are specializations are highlighted in the Partner Showcase; may be found in the Solutions Catalog, and also found highlighted in Oracle.com, in internal newsletters, in internal partner-finder databases, and through other vehicles when available.


Does being specialized mean that Oracle is warranting my performance or services?

Specialization does not imply or express warrantee by Oracle of partner performance or services.


How does specialization fit into the new program?

Specialization complements the new OPN program levels: Remarketer, Silver, Gold, and Platinum. Platinum partners are required to hold specializations in at least five product or solution areas. Gold partners are eligible to earn specializations. Silver partners and Remarketers are not eligible to earn specializations.


How are product versions incorporated into specializations and do all versions qualify for benefits?

On June 29, 2012, Oracle announced the enhancement to the Specialization program that enables specialization by product version. There are important elements of this enhancement that affect benefit and level attainment. Please read the detailed Product Version Specialization FAQ.


What is Advanced Specialization and what are the requirements?

Advanced Specialization extends capacity of skilled implementation resources on Oracle’s products and technology and provides additional differentiation for Specialized partners. Advanced specialization is globally consistent -- available to all OPN Partners at the Gold and Platinum levels; and is a requirement for Diamond level partners. In order to become Advanced Specialized, partners must meet all Specialization requirements, including standard business and competency criteria, plus must have 50 or more Certified Implementation Specialists.


Where can I find more information?

  • Go to www.oracle.com/partners and select the OPN Program tab to learn about OPN Specialized, specialization, and the new program levels.
  • Select the Most Popular Resources tab to navigate to short online training modules, which provide you with key information on all major improvements and aspects of OPN Specialized.
  • Contact an Oracle expert in one of Oracle Partner Business centers to discuss specific questions in more detail.
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