Oracle Communications Services Gatekeeper Implementation Boot Camp

Enablement 2.0 Boot Camps "jump start" your skills by providing hands-on foundational experience to get you started on the path to successful deployment, to get faster ROI, and to adapt more quickly to changes in your business environment. Contact us at

Oracle Communications Services Gatekeeper is an open, third-party service exposure platform, designed to enable operators to better monetize their network assets by leveraging content and applications from third-party developers and partners. It is based on leading industry standards including Java EE, SIP/IMS, Parlay X, Web 2.0 (REST), SOA, and Web services. Leading customer use cases include third-party service exposure, content delivery, policy enforcement, and active mediation. With its detailed, hands-on tutorials, students will walk away with a complete development environment, suitable for prototyping, testing or development.

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