Oracle Enterprise Taxation and Policy Management (ETPM) V.2.3.X Fundamentals Boot Camp


The Oracle Enterprise Taxation and Policy Management (ETPM) v.2.3.x Fundamentals Boot Camp is designed for new and existing partners seeking to learn how the solutions provided by Oracle Enterprise Taxation and Policy Management can enable government authorities to achieve objectives such as maximizing tax compliance, improving taxpayer service, enhancing collection capabilities, and providing increased flexibility to respond to changes in tax law.

Oracle ETPM 2.3.x Fundamentals provides an overview of the core functionality of the Oracle ETPM application. Attendees will use many of the basic elements of the Oracle ETPM infrastructure to set up users, perform financial transactions, set up process flows, and to understand interfaces and extending the applications.The course focuses on understanding Taxpayer Information, adding Persons, Accounts and Obligations utilizing Registrations and Forms Processing, and explaining concepts including Penalties and Interest and the Collections Process.

Learn To

  • Describe the architecture, features and the components of the product
  • Know how to log on to the application, and navigate the product through 360 Degree Taxpayer views, menus, portals and zones as well as search for objects and transactionst
  • Understand how to use configured Form Types to process tax and registration forms into the system including how to search for forms and investigate and resolve exceptions
  • Understand important payment concepts, add Payment Events and adjustment concepts including how to add Adjustments
  • Determine an Account’s balance and explain the difference between Current Balance and Payoff Balance as well as determine age of the debt and view financial transactions and understand their sources
  • Know how to review and maintain Collections and Compliance case types including Overdue Processes, Collection cases, and Audit, Appeal and Bankruptcy case types.


  • Business Analysts
  • Developers
  • Forms Developers
  • Functional Implementers
  • Project Managers
  • Sales Consultants

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