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Oracle Utilities Network Management System 1.x Implementer – Modeling Boot Camp

The Oracle Utilities Network Management System (Oracle Utilities NMS) is a common architecture supporting both Oracle Utilities Outage Management System (Oracle Utilities OMS) and Oracle Utilities Distribution Management System (Oracle Utilities DMS). These solutions are real-time, integrated, and configurable software systems that help utilities reduce restoration times, improve operational efficiency, and safeguard workers and the public.

The goal of the Alliances and Channels Oracle Utilities NMS Implementer – Modeling Boot Camp is designed to offer implementers of the Oracle Utilities Network Management System an understanding of how models are built and used. Both the OMS and DMS functionality rely on a single common model that is typically extracted from a Geographic Information System (GIS), processed, and stored in a common data model within Oracle Utilities NMS. This course will also cover a high-level overview of the NMS system architecture and services, focused on what is needed for model maintenance.

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