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Oracle Solaris 11 Sales Boot Camp

The Oracle Solaris 11 Sales Boot Camp is designed for new and existing partners looking to increase their knowledge on Oracle's premier cloud based operating system which serves as the best platform for customer enterprise applications. Oracle Solaris 11 serves as the basis for many pre-engineered and hardware solutions and is a critical part of the Oracle stack.

Oracle Solaris 11 brings the reliability, security and scalability of the #1 UNIX OS to the cloud. The best platform for any enterprise application, co-engineered with the Oracle stack for performance and efficiency. This Boot Camp will increase your general knowledge on one of the core building blocks of the Oracle stack and enable you to discuss the value of Oracle Solaris with your customers. Whether you're coming from the software or hardware side of the opportunity. Gain visibility into the operating system, the market, and solving customer issues. Learn why the operating system is important and how you can leverage it in your sales cycle.

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