Oracle Utilities Mobile Workforce Management 2.x and Oracle Real-Time Scheduler 2.x Fundamentals Boot Camp

Oracle Utilities Mobile Workforce Management (MWM) and Oracle Real-time Scheduler (ORS) are allied, commercial off-the-shelf applications that simplify and optimize the scheduling, dispatching, and tracking of field activities and mobile service crews. Sharing the same architecture and constituent parts the two applications are utilized in and targeted at specific customer markets: MWM in the Utilities arena and ORS in the Distribution, Retail, Field Service and other sectors.

The Boot Camp will introduce new users and users of previous MWM and ORS releases to the basic functionality of the Oracle Utilities Mobile Workforce Management v2.x and Oracle Real-Time Scheduler v2.x applications. It will familiarize participants with how to use the system to setup crews, work, and parameters to allow a Scheduler to efficiently plan work for a mobile workforce.

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