Oracle Utilities Analytics 2.x Functionality for Implementers Boot Camp

Oracle Utilities Analytics is a product suite consisting of several analytical applications and related extraction and loading routines. Together they allow Utility customers to track key operational metrics in their environment thus enabling easier, faster and accurate decision making in the enterprise. Oracle Utilities Analytics consists of nine analytics products and six Extractors & Schema products. Each is targeted to work with specific UGBU application such as Customer Care and Billing (CC&B), Meter Data Management (MDM), Mobile Workforce Management (MWM), Network Management System (NMS – specifically Outage Management) and Work and Asset Management (WAM) and Operational Device Management (ODM).

Attendees will learn through course instruction and hands-on practice the concepts and technologies behind the OUA product suite, including the product strategy. Basic Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence principles will be explained, such as differences between transactional processing systems and analytical systems, and the use of facts and dimensions. Note that these DW/BI lessons are not intended to turn the student into a Data Warehouse/ Business Intelligence expert during this course, but are intended to serve as a framework to learn and understand the OUA product. Additional training and study may be required to master the technologies used in the OUA solution.

The course will go into depth about OUA’s features, architecture, schema, ETL processes and implementation considerations. Where ever appropriate, while students will participate in hands-on exercises to show them some of the tasks they will encounter on a real project.

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