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Oracle Utilities Application Framework 4.x - Sales Overview Boot Camp

The Oracle Utilities Application Framework (OUAF) Sales Overview Boot Camp outlines key features that allow OUAF-based products to be extended by populating metadata instead of applying programming. This technology enables the development of reusable objects, which can reduce implementation time, and extensions, which are automatically upgraded when future product releases are introduced. Ultimately, these tools offer increased flexibility to satisfy client needs without adjusting your implementation methodology.

This course is applicable to all products supported by the Oracle Utilities Applications Framework 4.x including the following:

  • Oracle Utilities Customer Care and Billing (CCB 2.x)
  • Oracle Utilities Meter Data Management (MDM 2.x)
  • Oracle Utilities Mobile Workforce Management (MWM 2.x)
  • Oracle Smart Grid Gateway (SGG 2.x)
  • Work and Asset Management (WAM 2.x)
  • Differences between OUAF 2.x and OUAF 4.x

In addition to explaining how to use the Configuration Tools, this course describes many of the common front-end and back-end design patterns behind the OUAF products. By discussing these design patterns in the class, you will be able to show your clients the flexibility and user-focused features that are built into the base product.

Please Note: This is a sales overview course and is intended to provide high-level information about the OUAF functionality and capabilities. This class does not replace the full nine-day class as a prerequisite to other courses. This class is intended for functional and technical audiences that want an overview of the functionality before attending the full nine-day class.

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