Oracle Cloud Referral Program

Benefits and Requirements

The Oracle Cloud Referral program is the easiest way for you to participate in opportunities for Oracle Cloud Services.

The program is open to OPN members at any level and it includes all Cloud Services on Oracle’s price list, subject to the Open Market Model Global Policy. Partners identify the opportunity and register it in the Oracle Partner Store. Once this opportunity is validated (approved) as new business, it is then worked by a qualified Oracle Sales professional located in that region. When the deal is closed, the referral fee is paid for that transaction.

Referral Process and Requirements

  1. Be an Oracle PartnerNetwork member in good standing with a valid OPN Agreement
  2. Have an Oracle Partner Store account (register for access)
  3. Review the Open Market Model Global Policy
  4. Register your Cloud opportunity in Oracle Partner Store (OPS)

Partner Benefits

  • Referral Compensation for Closed Subscriptions to Oracle Cloud:
    • Receive a 10% referral fee for bringing a deal to Oracle
    • Applies to annual and multi-year agreements
    • Fee paid for the entire term of the agreement, capped at $50K US, (regional caps may apply).
    • The Fee is for the initial term of the agreement, paid to you upon invoice to the end customer, quarterly or annually
    • Renewals and extensions do not apply. (See Oracle Cloud Resell Program)
  • Competitive Positioning:
    • Allows you to bring Oracle Cloud solutions to your existing customers with a very low barrier to entry.
    • Expand your business to new clients that are anxious to take advantage of the benefits from Oracle Cloud Solutions. 
  • Specialization Credit:
    • Get transactional recognition toward Specialization
  • Easy and Simple: refer by registering deals at Oracle Partner Store (open to all membership levels)
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