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Value Proposition for You and Your Customer
Value Proposition for You and Your Customer

Oracle's StorageTek Tape Media products include StorageTek T10000, and LTO Data and Cleaning Cartridges, as well as StorageTek VolSafe Secure Media. Partners that invest in this product line will benefit from:

  • High market demand. The exponential growth of data coupled with increasing storage operating costs creates significant market opportunities for partners that are able to deliver storage solutions that manage complexity and control costs while delivering on service level agreements.
  • Create competitive barriers. Including tape as part of a tiered storage offering creates a significant amount of market differentiation for your organization, and limits the effectiveness of disk-only providers.
  • Increase customer satisfaction. Help customers store more data faster and with highly secure media technology.

Please Note: This StorageTek Tape Media Knowledge Zone is intended for media-only resellers. StorageTek Tape Authorized partners are already authorized to sell StorageTek Tape Media.

Please Note: StorageTek Tape Media is also available through master media distributor IMD. They can be reached via alias:

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