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Value Proposition for You and Your Customer
Value Proposition for You and Your Customer

With the highest reliability, availability, and serviceability features in the four-socket space, the Sun Server X4-4 is the ideal x86 virtualization platform for enterprise applications and in-memory databases that require large amounts of memory and I/O. Combine that with Oracle's two-socket enterprise class Sun x86 servers, deliver and you have, once again, the industry's best x86 platform for running Oracle software. The new Oracle Sun Server X4-2, Sun Server X4-2L and Sun Blade X4-2B systems are built with the new Intel® Xeon® E5-2600 v2 processors, also known as the Intel Ivy Bridge-EP processors. These servers pack in 50 percent more compute power than the previous generation. This performance boost comes while remaining within the same power profile as the prior generation of servers, making them some of the greenest servers for running mission-critical Oracle software.

Powerful, compact, energy-efficient, and highly reliable, the enterprise-class Sun x86 servers from Oracle provide an ideal platform for mission-critical applications, and virtualization and consolidation projects.

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