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Value Proposition for You and Your Customer
Value Proposition for You and Your Customer

The new compact 5U, 8-socket Sun Server X4-8 is the most powerful, expandable system in Oracle’s x86 portfolio, and is ideal for very large memory-optimized databases, scale-up applications, and enterprise workloads requiring extreme I/O bandwidth, memory and core count. With the highest reliability, availability, and serviceability features in the four-socket space, the Sun Server X4-4 is the ideal x86 virtualization platform for enterprise applications and in-memory databases that require large amounts of memory and I/O. Combine that with Oracle's two-socket enterprise class Sun x86 servers, deliver and you have, once again, the industry's best x86 platform for running Oracle software.

Powerful, compact, energy-efficient, and highly reliable, the enterprise-class Sun x86 servers from Oracle provide an ideal platform for mission-critical applications, and virtualization and consolidation projects.

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