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JD Edwards Demo Environment




AppAdvantage FY15 kit



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Oracle EMEA JD Edwards Partner Community Newsletter July 2014

Dear Partner,

Again I have collected a variety of useful information for you for this JULY edition.

Also within this newsletter I am sharing some analyzes information with you. First about how JD Edwards did in FY14 and secondly some experiences and results about the “JD Edwards in a box” campaign we are still doing in FY15. Especially for this topic I would love to get your feedback and share your experiences and get your suggestions about what we can do better.

Oracle EMEA JDE Partner Community Blog

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Oracle EMEA JDE Partner Community on YouTube

Also in this newsletter there are a couple of JD Edwards Partner mentioned. A special thank you to

For submitting reference stories to us or creating their own ones. I encourage all partners to sent me relevant content to be shared with the community. Especially around your own assets and successes.
Deadline for you to submit your content for the next Newsletter is WED, AUG 13th

Best regards,

Hartmut Wiese
Director JD Edwards and OBA Partner Programs
Oracle EMEA Alliances and Channels
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Alliances & Channels EMEA 'Talks'

Be prepared for a year of growth

Dear all,

I hope you managed to tune in to our recent live broadcast of A&C EMEA 'Talks'. It was a great show and we covered many key topics ahead of the new fiscal year. Thank you to those that submitted questions, it was good to answer some of those live on the cast.

My studio guests and I covered a range of topics including strategies for growth in FY15, successes from FY14, SaaS, Oracle on Oracle and Cloud.
Following a visit to Redwood Shores, I was also able to share the views and priorities from three of the new A&C Global Leadership Team, which was a nice way to find out a bit of background into their credentials.

Also, it was fantastic to hear the FY15 goals set by Rich Geraffo, Senior Vice President, Global Alliance & Channels, and discussing these with Alistair Hopkins, Vice President, Sales & Strategy, Technology Solutions, EMEA Alliances & Channels, and Adrian Schlund, Vice President, GSI Sales, EMEA Alliances & Channels, in the studio, looking at how we plan to achieve these with our partners in EMEA.

If you missed it and would like to catch up on demand, please use the following link:

It’s important to keep up to date so here are a few useful links to help you further your knowledge on some of the topics we covered:

If you have any feedback on the cast, do let the team know via: anc-emea-talks_ww@oracle.com.

Best regards,

David Callaghan
Senior Vice President EMEA Alliances & Channels

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As promised here are some JD Edwards numbers for FY14 for EMEA. Oracle is not reporting the revenue number by product or product line but these are the numbers I am happy to share with you as we had a tremendous FY14 in EMEA.


Number of Transactions with revenue of 1 M USD and above


JD Edwards License Revenue Growth in FY14 in EMEA


Number of different End User Names with license transaction in EMEA


Number of license transactions in total


Number of End User names with a summarized volume below 50K USD


Number of End User names with a summarized volume between 50K and 100K USD


Number of End User names with a summarized volume between 100K and 300K USD


Number of End User names with a summarized volume between 300K and 1M USD


Number of unique Business Partners attached to Opportunities won in FY14


Percentage of revenue done directly from Oracle with Partners attached (Co-Sell)


Percentage of revenue done with Resell Partners


Highest number of unique End Customers transaction by a single Reseller


Pipeline FY15


Number of Unique Business Partner attached to 1-3 opportunities


Number of Unique Business Partner attached to 4-10 opportunities


Number of Unique Business Partner attached to 11-20 opportunities


Number of Unique Business Partner attached to 21 up to 53 opportunities


Number of Unique Business Partner with opportunities attached


Total number of opportunities with Partners attached


Total number of opportunities with no Partner attached


Total number of opportunities with a probability of 50% and above

Another Analyzes I did was around “JD Edwards in a box”. Please see my comments in the section below.

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New Community References

Over the last weeks five new JDEdwards References have been published on the Oracle public reference site.

Please review the details here:

 Customer Name

 Location (country)

 Implementing Partner

Atrium Real Estate

Amsterdam (Netherlands)

Original Buff

Igualada (Spain)

Tweet from Lyle

Drake&Skull International

Dubai (UAE)


Abidjan (Ivory Coast)


Cairo (Egypt)


Please also verify the 45 EnterpriseOne and 5 World related videos available here.

Thanks to Full Speed Systems (FSS) in Switzerland. They created and published a nice reference story in cooperation with a Swiss Magazin here (written in German)

Thanks to Horsa for this nice video. It is about their customer Immergas, who is running JD Edwards EnterpriseOne on the ODA. It is in Italian with English subtitles. Please see also the special promotion for the ODA in this newsletter.

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FY14 experiences and results

Over the last days I analyzed the results of our “JDE in a box “ initiative. The purpose of the analyses was to find out how many of the JD Edwards Customers are using Oracle Hardware as well.

As you know:

  • JD Edwards in a box is not an item on the price list. Oracle is offering the components and the Partner has to define his go to market platform and deliver on this platform.
  • As many JD Edwards Partner do not have Hardware Resell rights we had to split existing opportunities from the campaign to multiple Partners. This makes it difficult to track the information internally.
  • Also I noticed the data quality in our system could be better to easier find the relevant information. We asked to use specific campaign codes in our Fusion CRM system but this did not happen always. I found a lot (50+) names reported by the different agencies without the campaign code attached.
  • Large customers (Statoil, Pernod Ricard and some others) have spent significant budget on Hardware and JD Edwards. As they also bought (many) other Oracle products it is not a pure JDE in a box success but it is a major Oracle on Oracle customer and it shows that the Oracle Strategy is working.

My procedure:

  • Step 1: To get a bit closer to the reality I searched across all JD Edwards wins from FY13 and FY14 and looked if these customers have bought any hardware.
  • Step 2: Add “JDE in a box pipeline reported by the agencies and added with data found
  • Step 3: Compared this data with the installed base records where I do have some (limited) hardware usage information


  • As a result the current penetration is around 8%. This means 8% of the JD Edwards customer base (paying JD Edwards maintenance) are also paying maintenance for Oracle Hardware products among all sizes of the customers.
  • In terms of pipeline I would consider the real pipeline for JDE in a box 10x bigger compared to what is tagged with the correct campaign codes.

Call to action:

I encourage all JDEdwards Partner

  • to check your opportunities and use the existing campaign code EMEAPM13050665MPP001: It is important to be able to track and report the success of the “JD Edwards in a box” initiative.
  • To share your experiences about how you proceed with this approach.
  • Sent any suggestions to me if you think we should do some finetuning

New Promotion

A Special New Promotion is available to buy


especially targeted to
JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Customers

the Oracle Database Appliance.

Official name: JD Edwards Oracle Database Appliance Upgrade Promotion

Duration: complete FY15 (until May 31st 2015)


Available to all existing JD Edwards customers currently licensed for Technology Foundation or Oracle Technology Foundation for JD Edwards EnterpriseOne that will buy Oracle Database Appliance.

Promotions Specifics:

  • Up to 80% maximum discount:
    • Oracle Database Enterprise Edition
    • Database Options (List of 20 options)
    • Database Enterprise Management (List of 5 options)
    • Other Products (Weblogic Enterprise and Standard Edition, Business Intelligence Publisher and others)
  • 25% discount on Oracle Database Appliance - buying ODA is required to get up to 80% on the Oracle Technology components listed above

Additional information are available. Please ask your local Alliance Manager to contact hartmut.wiese@oracle.com in order to receive the internal url to the promotion details.
Please see the reference video provided by  also mentioned in the reference section of this newsletter.

Benchmark results:

The JD Edwards team let the hardware vendors publish their results on their own web sites (including our own Oracle sites). Here are some links:

Oracle SPARC systems and SuperCluster / Oracle Exalogic / Oracle Exadata / Oracle Database Appliance

And also Cisco (Search for "EnterpriseOne") and IBM (Search for "EnterpriseOne benchmarks").

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The major learning platform for you to use is the Oracle Learning Library. The complete link is here for you to bookmark. There is an easier link for you to keep in mind.

Like http://runjde.com or http://upgradejde.com there is http://learnjde.com available now which forwards you directly to the JD Edwards Resource Library.

Product Direct Replays

The webcast was recorded and will be made available on the Product Direct replays webpage soon.

JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Advanced Contract Billing

David Scott, JD Edwards Senior Principal Product Manager

This webcast provides a new look and overview of the newly renamed product JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Advanced Contract Billing. See how the features in this product help provide project-focused organizations with the ability to setup and manage complex and sophisticated contracts to meet the increasing demand of their customers.

JD Edwards Value Chain Planning Integration for JD Edwards EnterpriseOne - Support for Global Order Promising

Barabara Wolter, Product Strategy Director

During Sales Order entry, customers often need to receive immediate feedback about the timing of their orders. Using JD Edwards EnterpriseOne 9.1.2 integration to Global Order Promising (GOP), customers can be promised a specific delivery date at the time that their order is entered into the system. The GOP integration reviews current inventory, outstanding work orders, manufacturing routings, location of distribution centers, calendars and company order-promising preferences to determine the feasibility of meeting a customer requested delivery date. Learn how the integration between JD Edwards EnterpriseOne 9.1.2 and Global Order Promising within Oracle's Value Chain Planning enables users to provide delivery dates to customers in real-time while taking into account the following complexities of the supply chain: - Multi-level bill of materials and manufacturing - Deliver lead time - Internal inter-organizational delivery lead times - Resource and material constraints - Supplier constraints - Multiple sourcing options - End item substitutes.

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OPN Solutions Catalog Goes Mobile!

We are pleased to announce the launch of a mobile-ready OPN Solutions Catalog
Features include:

  • A fluid search and browse experience regardless of device (phone, tablet, or desktop)
  • Streamlined design and reorganized search facets, making it easier for customers to search and browse partner profiles and solutions

The OPN Solutions Catalog is a free marketing tool for all active Oracle PartnerNetwork members. If you are an OPN partner… take advantage of it!
To learn more about the new catalog, watch the Solutions Catalog Training which includes best practices and a demo on how to update your profile. Spend a few minutes with our experts to learn how you can expand your market reach and showcase your offerings to our customers, partners, and Oracle employees worldwide.
Questions? Visit the Solutions Catalog Resource page or contact the Partner Business Center.

New Subscription Center

Check out Oracle’s new subscription center. It offers an updated, intuitive user interface and many new subscriptions from which to choose, including those for executive and technical roles, special topics such as cloud computing and big data, and free magazine and community subscriptions tailored for your interests. Please log in to your Oracle account today to validate your e-mail address and update your subscription preferences. And remember to add [reply@oracle-mail.com] to your e-mail address book to ensure timely delivery of communications from Oracle.

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JD Edwards Demo Environment

Global Sales Engineering (GSE, formerly DSS) is pleased to announce the availability of JD Edwards EnterpriseOne 9.1 Sales Version 6 SDE demonstration environments.  This sales version delivers a limited number of environments with JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Tools Release and RV 2014-2 Applications Update demonstration capability to Sales Consultants. The non-mobile portion of these demo environments are now running on GSE’s DemoWeb Internet Accessible platform, meaning you don’t need VPN.


  • Tools
  • Procurement / Requisition Self Service Budget Rollup
  • 20 New Mobile Applications:
  • Internet Accessible – no VPN is required except for Mobile Applications

Call to Action

  • Review JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Mobile Applications video on Demo Store
  • Read demonstration scripts posted to Demo Store with Demo Release attribute JDE EnterpriseOne 9.1 SV6 SDE

Note: A limited number of JD Edwards EnterpriseOne 9.1 Sales Version 6 SDE (JDE91SDED06) environments will be made available.  They are intended for demonstration of the new features only – existing JD Edwards EnterpriseOne 9.1 Sales Version 5 (JDE91D05) environments should be used for full flow demonstrations.

To gain access to one of the new environments please create a reservation in DemoWeb, indicating that the Demo is for JD Edwards (JDE) EnterpriseOne and specifying JD Edwards EnterpriseOne 9.1 Sales Version 6 SDE (Special Demo Environment). GSE will assign you to an appropriate environment. If an environment has been assigned to you it will appear on your launchpad in the usual manner.

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YEP … JD Edwards does that

Nice little video showing JD Edwards vertical coverage. Very good to be played continuously during breaks or in the reception/entrance area.

JD Edwards EnterpriseOne on Oracle Database In-Memory

On June 10, Larry Ellison unveiled the new Oracle Database In-Memory option. Oracle Database In-Memory delivers outstanding analytical performance without the need to restrict functionality or accept compromises, complexity and risk. Watch the Replay and hear Larry Ellison highlight examples of JD Edwards EnterpriseOne performance using Oracle Database In-Memory: “This might be the best one“ (Larry Ellison’s remarks about JD Edwards start at about minute 41 of the replay). Read the full story here.

Attitude@Altitude Blog: Delivering Real-Time D Edwards Analytics With Oracle Database

Are you subscribing to JD Edwards Attitude@Altitude?  If not, you are missing out!  Read the new article by Ward Quarles, JD Edwards Product Strategy Director on the JD Edwards blog discussing how JD Edwards customers can benefit from the power of Oracle’s Database In-Memory:

“Are your internal and external constituents demanding instantaneous information? With the availability of Oracle Database 12c In-Memory, world-class technologies are available for JD Edwards’s users. Leverage optimized in-memory capabilities across applications, middleware, databases, and systems to transform your hyper-connected,
mobile and social business into a “real time enterprise” and revolutionize business insight, communications and collaborative business processes.” Read More

Now generally available:

Oracle Sales Cloud Business Interfaces, JD Edwards Business
Process Models, and new Localizations and Certifications


  • Enhanced JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Business Interfaces to support customers integrating with Oracle Sales Cloud.
  • Updated JD Edwards EnterpriseOne 9.1 Business Process Models, available in 12 languages and designed to simplify implementations, reduce costs, and leverage best practices
  • Localizations for country specific legislative requirements in India, Colombia, and Brazil
  • JD Edwards EnterpriseOne product certification with Oracle Access Manager.
  • JD Edwards EnterpriseOne and World product certifications for use with new IBM releases

Review the complete announcement here.

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New Accelerate Solution published

Congratulations to Quistor. Your solution Quistor’s Oracle Accelerate Solution for JD Edwards EnterpriseOne for Chemicals for Spain has been reviewed and now qualifies as an Oracle Accelerate for Midsize Companies solution.

Midsize URL´s to remember

Join the Oracle Midsize Social Communities:

Read the latest Oracle for Midsize Companies Newsletter.

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AppAdvantage FY15 kit

The pace of change, and the need to modernize IT and simultaneously deliver business innovations such as Social, Mobile and Cloud is stressing enterprise operating models as never before. To be sure, success in both is an imperative in today’s dynamic business environment. However, traditional packaged enterprise applications such as ERP can no longer deliver upon the wide range of opportunities and challenges facing IT Leaders. But for most enterprises, outright replacement is impossible. A new approach to enterprise systems is needed, one that leverages existing investments, while layering new capabilities around them within an open, flexible and secure architecture.

At our SOA Community Workspace (SOA Community membership required) you find a complete AppAdvantage kit: FY15-AppAdvantage.zip and App Advantage FY15 sales resources:

  • FY15 AppAdvantage Sales Opportunities Webcast - | PPT
  • AppAdvantage Customer Presentation (CVC) - PPT
  • AppAdvantage Reference Guide - PDF
  • AppAdvantage Customer Brochure (Public Use) - PDF
  • Integrating SaaS and On-Premise Applications - Customer Presentation | Cheat Sheet
  • Multichannel Enablement of Enterprise Applications - Customer Presentation | Cheat Sheet
  • Exalogic for Oracle Apps - Customer Presentation | Cheat Sheet

Overall Fusion Middleware Sales plays FY15 and Overall Fusion Middleware Customer presentation PPT


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Oracle Launches New Program to Simplify Migration to Cloud Applications
Oracle recently launched the Customer 2 Cloud program, which dramatically simplifies migration to best-in-class cloud applications with flexible financial models, rapid startup services, and packaged cloud integrations.
Read More

Latest Oracle Enterprise Manager Release Delivers Zero-to-Cloud—Accelerated
The June 2014 release of Oracle Enterprise Manager includes the first rapid-start private cloud solution for Oracle-based private clouds—and provides a much richer self-service experience to end users. Learn more about the new release.
Read More

Get Smart About SaaS and Cloud
Not all software-as-a-service (SaaS) cloud providers are equal. In fact, some haven't modernized their customer relationship management cloud, human resources cloud, or enterprise resource planning cloud applications in ages. Twenty-first century cloud technology is changing rapidly. Even the definition of cloud computing is evolving. It is important to know what questions to ask about modern cloud best practices. Find out three important questions you should ask your SaaS provider.

OracleVoice Blog on Forbes.com

Oracle Cloud Marketplace
Quickly and easily browse, search, and find trusted third-party applications that run in the Oracle Cloud on the Oracle Cloud Marketplace.

Oracle for Midsize Companies Blog
Read a recent post: Simplyfing Hybrid Cloud

E-Book: Modernize Your Business with Oracle Enterprise Resource Planning Cloud
E-Book: Modernizing Finance with Oracle Financials Cloud
E-Book: Realizing More Savings with Oracle Procurement Cloud
E-Book: Powering Project-Driven Businesses with Oracle Project Portfolio Management Cloud

“get smart about SaaS and the Cloud" - great new video outlining Oracle strengths in the SaaS market. Short, educational and easy to absorb too...makes for an insightful way to update your conversational knowledge when talking on the Oracle SaaS position. 

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Customer Collaborative Platform:

Oracle has opened a collaborative platform with its customers http://appsconnect.oracle.com.

Oracle President Mark Hurd on LinkedIn Influencers

The Internet of Things Is Really the Internet of People

Exclusive Content from the Oracle CFO Summit

Discover what you missed at the most recent Oracle CFO Summit. Access videos, briefs, and presentations by leading executives, who discuss the changing role of the CFO.

Oracle Policy Automation Oracle OPA Mobile Now Available on iTunes AppStore and Google Play

A free standalone app demonstrating the power of Oracle Policy Automation (OPA) Interviews is available on both Apple’s iTunes AppStore and Google Play (for Android). Later in 2014 customers will be able to deploy their own policy models to the mobile app using the new OPA Hub!

Save the Date:


Oracle OpenWorld 2014
September 28–October 2, 2014
San Francisco, California

UKOUG JD Edwards Conference & Exhibition
November 12-13, 2014
Heythrop Park Resort, Oxford (UK)

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