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Data Warehousing

Data Warehousing involves large volumes of data used primarily for analysis. This category covers applications such as Business Intelligence and Decision Support Systems.

Data Mining

Data Mining analyzes data from a data warehouse, looking for trends and patterns:

Oracle Real Application Clusters

Oracle Real Application Clusters combines storage and processing power across a cluster of machines for high availability:


Data Warehousing

Data Warehousing refers to large databases used mostly for querying. You need to understand the performance of certain types of queries, and how to move large quantities of data around. Most of the information on the Administration page also applies here.

Performance and Tuning for Oracle WebLogic Server HTML PDF


Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) analyzes data from a data warehouse, for business processes such as forecasting, planning, and what-if analysis:

Oracle Retail Data Model

The Oracle Retail Data Model is a start-up kit for implementing a retail data warehouse solution. It speeds the development of a data warehouse solution by providing a foundation data warehouse and analytic infrastructure for the reporting needs of a retail operation.

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