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Unstructured Data

Content management involves storing more than just names and numbers in the database. You can store images, audio, video, mapping data, and documents, collectively known as unstructured data. Documents can be binary format or XML. You can run searches across all these kinds of data.

Oracle Intermedia

Oracle interMedia lets you write applications to manipulate images, audio, and video within the database:

interMedia Domains interMedia Domains Java API Reference for Oracle ADF Business Components HTML  


You can store XML content in the database, and write applications to process it and use it as a data interchange format:

XML Security Java API Reference for Oracle Security Developer Tools HTML  
XML Developer's Kit Programmer's Guide HTML PDF
Programming XML for Oracle WebLogic Server HTML PDF

Application Development

You can store unlimited amounts of text and binary data using Oracle's large object (LOB) types. The data cartridge framework lets you integrate your own complex data types into Oracle's query and index operations.


Oracle Text

Oracle Text turns the database into a search engine. You can search for text in regular columns, for text inside various kinds of binary-format documents, and for text, tags, and attributes inside XML documents.

Oracle Spatial

Oracle Spatial lets you store geospatial data and write mapping applications.

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