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SQL, PL/SQL, and SQL*Plus Syntax and Examples

Shortcuts to Items in the List

Statements, Keywords, Packages, and Functions

LAG: Definition
LAPACK_GBSV Procedures: Definition
LAPACK_GEES Procedures: Definition
LAPACK_GEEV Procedures: Definition
LAPACK_GELS Procedures: Definition
LAPACK_GESDD Procedures: Definition
LAPACK_GESV Procedures: Definition
LAPACK_GESVD Procedures: Definition
LAPACK_GTSV Procedures: Definition
LAPACK_PBSV Procedures: Definition
LAPACK_POSV Procedures: Definition
LAPACK_PPSV Procedures: Definition
LAPACK_PTSV Procedures: Definition
LAPACK_SBEV Procedures: Definition
LAPACK_SBEVD Procedures: Definition
LAPACK_SPEV Procedures: Definition
LAPACK_SPEVD Procedures: Definition
LAPACK_SPSV Procedures: Definition
LAPACK_STEV Procedures: Definition
LAPACK_STEVD Procedures: Definition
LAPACK_SYEV Procedures: Definition
LAPACK_SYEVD Procedures: Definition
LAPACK_SYSV Procedures: Definition
LAST: Definition
LAST_DAY: Definition
LAST_ERROR_POSITION Function: Definition
LAST_ROW_COUNT Function: Definition
LAST_ROW_ID Function: Definition
LAST_SQL_FUNCTION_CODE Function: Definition
LAST_VALUE: Definition
LCR$_DDL_RECORD Constructor: Definition
LCR$_DDL_RECORD Type: Definition
LCR$_ROW_LIST Type: Definition
LCR$_ROW_RECORD Constructor: Definition
LCR$_ROW_RECORD Type: Definition
LCR$_ROW_UNIT Type: Definition
LCR_TO_XML Function: Definition
LEAD: Definition
LEADING Hint: Definition
LEAST: Definition
LENGTH: Definition
LENGTH Function: Definition
LEVEL Pseudocolumn: Definition
LIKE Condition: Definition
LIKE Operator: Definition
LINE Function: Definition
LINE Procedure: Definition
LINK Procedure: Definition
LINKREL Function: Definition
LINKREL Procedure: Definition
LINKREV Function: Definition
LINKREV Procedure: Definition
LIST: Definition
LISTEN Procedures: Definition
LISTHEADER Function: Definition
LISTHEADER Procedure: Definition
LISTINGCLOSE Function: Definition
LISTINGCLOSE Procedure: Definition
LISTINGOPEN Function: Definition
LISTINGOPEN Procedure: Definition
LISTITEM Function: Definition
LISTITEM Procedure: Definition
LISTPRINT Procedure: Definition
LIST_CONTEXT Procedures: Definition
LN: Definition
LNNVL: Definition
LOADBLOBFROMFILE Procedure: Definition
LOADCLOBFROMFILE Procedure: Definition
LOADFROMFILE Procedure: Definition
LOAD_SQLSET Procedure: Definition
LOAD_WORKLOAD_CACHE Procedure: Definition
LOAD_WORKLOAD_TRACE Procedure: Definition
LOAD_WORKLOAD_USER Procedure: Definition
LOCAL_TRANSACTION_ID Function: Definition
LOCK TABLE: Definition
LOCK TABLE Statement: Definition
LOCKRESOURCE Function: Definition
LOCK_MAP Procedure: Definition
LOCK_OBJECT Procedure: Definition
LOCK_SCHEMA_STATS Procedure: Definition
LOCK_TABLE_STATS Procedure: Definition
LOG: Definition
LOGON Option: Definition
LOG_ENTRY Procedure: Definition
LOOP Statements: Definition
LOWER: Definition
LPAD: Definition
LTRIM: Definition
LZ_COMPRESS_ADD Procedure: Definition
LZ_UNCOMPRESS_CLOSE Procedure: Definition
LZ_UNCOMPRESS_EXTRACT Procedure: Definition
LZ_UNCOMPRESS_OPEN Function: Definition