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Java in Flux: Utopia or Deuteronopia?
In the 15 years since its birth on prototype consumer devices within Sun, through its early fame making web pages come alive with Java applets, Java has become a pervasive force in all aspects of computing from smart cards to powering some of the world's biggest enterprises. This keynote will cover the latest Java trends and Java developments, including enhancements in the Java Platform, from core Java SE and its reformation as a modular platform, and exciting new extensions to the Java language, to the new simplicity of enterprise computing in Java EE and its new directions towards cloud computing in the future.

JavaOne technical keynote

Java SE: The Road Ahead
Java SE has come a long way in 15 years. From its humble beginnings as a tool for programming small interactive devices, it has evolved into a high-performance, general-purpose virtual machine, language, and set of libraries used in applications ranging from the desktop to the cloud. This keynote focuses on the next steps in this evolutionary path. These include enhancing Java Virtual Machine to make it the target of choice for implementers of non-Java languages, modernizing the Java programming language to make developers more productive and programs more efficient on multicore processors, and modularizing the platform to make it faster and even more widely applicable than it is today.

Java EE: The Evolution of the Java Platform
Over time, the focus of Java EE has shifted from providing a collection of raw APIs out of the box to offering an integrated programming model with a smooth learning curve. This gradual movement has changed the way APIs are designed, packaged, and released. It's also notable that the latest Java EE release made the platform more targeted by adding support for profiles, all while retaining strong compatibility guarantees to ward off the threat of fragmentation. This technical presentation examines the principles that have guided the design of the Java EE platform over the years, culminating with last year's release of Java EE 6. It also looks at what's coming in Java EE 7, interpolating current industry trends and carrying to its conclusion the renewal process that has characterized the last two platform releases.

Java Embedded: A Fresh Look at the Future
For some time now, the Java community has addressed the needs of embedded-application developers by introducing tools and techniques honed through use in the general market. It's now time to address embedded development in its own right. Developers who create software for devices that are not computer-based—printers, controllers, and medical equipment, for example—face significantly different problems and constraints than do general-purpose developers. Many of us realize that the Java community can and should more energetically embrace the needs and requirements of embedded-application developers. Oracle is taking a fresh look at Java for embedded applications and believes that the time is right for a radically different approach to how Java supports developers of embedded software. This technical presentation highlights new Java technologies and approaches for the embedded market

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