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Пленарный доклад конференции JavaOne проведут Стив Харрис и Хендрик Шталь

Steven Harris

Steve Harris, Senior Vice President - Product Development, Oracle

Mr. Harris has degrees from George Washington University and UC Berkeley. After more than 10 years in scientific and engineering computing and consulting areas, he spent three years working on document management and systems integration. In 1993, he co-founded a software startup providing an object-oriented database product to Smalltalk developers (a precursor to Java). He sold the company to ParcPlace-Digitalk and served as VP of Engineering of that publicly-held company. He joined Oracle in 1997 to manage development of the Java virtual machine for the Oracle8i release. Since then, his role has expanded to include the Java EE platform overall, WebLogic Server, GlassFish, JDBC, and Oracle web tier product offerings.

Hendrick Shtal

Henrik Stahl, Senior Director of Product Management, Oracle

Henrik is Senior Director of Product Management at Oracle and has worked in the industry for more than 20 years in various roles including support, network engineering, systems development, IT security, performance engineering and for the last six years with product strategy. After the Oracle acquisition of Sun, he runs a group responsible for product strategy for Java SE, JRockit, Exalogic and other Oracle products.

Duncan Mills Senior Director of Product Management, Oracle

Duncan Millz

Дункан Миллз, старший директор по продуктовому менедменту компании Oracle

Duncan Mills is senior director of product management for Oracle's Application Development Tools including Oracle JDeveloper, Oracle Enterprise Pack for Eclipse, NetBeans, Oracle Forms, and the ADF Framework. Duncan is currently responsible for product direction, evangelism, and courseware development around the development tools products. He has been working with Oracle in a variety of application development and DBA roles since 1988. For the past eighteen years he has been working at Oracle in both support and product development, spending the last eight years in product management. Duncan is the co-author of the Oracle Press books Oracle JDeveloper 10g for Forms and PL/SQL Developers: A Guide to Web Development with Oracle ADF and Oracle JDeveloper 11g Handbook: A Guide to Fusion Web Development.


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