AutoVue 21.0.0 Technical Requirements


The following platforms are certified for AutoVue installation and/or hosting:
PlatformAutoVue for Agile PLM #1AutoVue
Deployment #1
AutoVue Desktop
Windows Server 2012—64-bitXX 
Windows Server 2008R2—64-bitXX 
Windows 8.1, 8, 7, VISTA—64-bit  X

Oracle Linux 5.8 and up (x86), 6.X(x86), and 7.X(x86) ( #2) 64-bit (AutoVuerunningin32-bitmode)

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5. 8and up (x86) ,6.X(x86) ,and7.X(x86) 264-bit (AutoVuerunningin32-bitmode)XX 

#1) The installation requires about 400 MB of free space. Additional space will be required by AutoVue for storing other data such as streaming files and markups.

#2) AutoVue is supported on a 64-bit Linux operating systems (OS), but will run in 32-bit mode. All prerequisites libraries should be in 32 bit, with the exception of the X Windows base package (xorg-x11-server-Xorg) along with the Xvf bpackage xorg-x11-server-Xvfb. These should be the same architecture (64-bit) as the OS.

Client Platform:

The following platforms are certified for the AutoVue client.
AutoVue for
Agile PLM
Client/Server Deployment
Windows OSes:
Windows Vista—64-bit
Windows 7—64-bit
Windows 8—64-bit
Windows 8.1—64-bit
  • Internet Explorer9
  • Internet Explorer10
  • Internet Explorer11
  • Firefox ESR31


MAC OS X 10.9
  • Safari 8.0 #1
  • Firefox ESR 31


Solaris 10 (Sparc)
  • Firefox ESR31


Java Virtual Machine  
  • Java SE 7 update 45 and higher
-32-bit and 64-bit


  • Java SE8 update 11 and higher



#1)  When launching AutoVue from a Mac client, certain configurations may be required. For more information, refer to Oracle Support Document 1662405.1 (Getting Message" Select a temporary directory" When Printing With AutoVue) which can be found at:

Application Server:

The VueServlet has been certified on the following application servers:

PlatformAutoVue for Agile PLMAutoVue Client/Server Deployment
WebLogic 11.x and up X
Tomcat 7.x and upXX
Jetty 6.0 and up X

 AutoVue for Agile PLM Integration Components:

AutoVue for Agile PLM integration component sca nbe installed on the following OSes:

  •     Oracle Solaris (SPARC and x64)
  •     Linux (Oracle, Red Ha tEnterprise, SUSE)
  •     Microsoft Windows
  •     HP-UX Itanium
  •     IBM AIX (POWER)

For supported versions, refer to the "Agile Product Life cycle Management Capacity Planning Guide" on OTN

Click here for all AutoVue Documentation.  

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