Electro-Mechanical Digital Mockup

AutoVue features unique Electro-Mechanical Digital Mockup (DMU) capabilities that allow users to easily combine native 3D parts–from disparate 3D CAD systems–and EDA designs into a single digital assembly for analysis and review. AutoVue also provides the ability to generate 3D models of PCBs from EDA designs which can be imported into a digital mockup, and combined with other 3D parts in the same space.

Unify the design process by enabling cross department collaboration between mechanical and electronic teams 

• Import and combine parts of various native 3D CAD and EDA designs to create virtual prototypes 

• Generate and export Bills of Material (BOMs) of the final assembly.

• Generate assembly instructions.

Note: Digital Mockup capabilities are only available in the following products: AutoVue 3D Professional Advanced (3D DMU), and AutoVue Electro-Mechanical Professional (electro-mechanical DMU), AutoVue Electro-Mechanical Professional for Agile (electro-mechanical DMU).

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