View, Markup and Collaborate on Solid Edge (2D & 3D) Documents with Oracle’s AutoVue

AutoVue is the leading viewer for Solid Edge and hundreds of other 3D/2D CAD, PCB and office formats. AutoVue provides viewing access to 3D Solid Edge parts/assemblies as well as 2D Solid Edge drawings. Thousands of users from businesses around the world make use Oracle's AutoVue solutions to allow them to view Solid Edge models/drawings, markup Solid Edge files in 2D and 3D, and collaborate in real-time on Solid Edge data over any local network, extranet or the Internet. As the most sophisticated Solid Edge viewer available today, AutoVue views all files natively, requiring no data conversion.

AutoVue supports the following list of SolidEdge versions, formats & extensions.

Solid Edge  versions supported:Format extensions: Solid Edge file types supported:
Solid Edge viewers:

Solid Edge ST8 viewer
Solid Edge ST7 viewer
Solid Edge ST6 viewer
Solid Edge ST5 viewer
Solid Edge ST4 viewer
Solid Edge ST3 viewer
Solid Edge  ST2 viewer
Solid Edge  ST viewer 
Solid Edge 20 viewer
Solid Edge 19 viewer
Solid Edge 18 viewer
DFT viewer
PAR viewer
ASM viewer 
PSM viewer

View a completelist of all formats supported in AutoVue

Oracle’s AutoVue solutions provide extended teams with access to critical product and asset information contained in 2D CAD, 3D CAD, EDA and Office documents. Its native document viewing, markup, and real-time collaboration capabilities deliver the foundation for an efficient document collaboration process. Users can digitally communicate and track feedback using a single solution and streamline communication throughout the project or asset lifecycle, maximizing productivity and completing projects faster and within budget.

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Web Visualization:

AutoVue offers industrial strength viewing, markup and collaboration capabilities via the web. Geographically dispersed teams can come together to securely view, review and collaborate on documents through project extranets, intranets or the internet. People, information and processes are connected across the global enterprise in a secure, efficient and flexible manner. Communication, geographic and language barriers are eliminated in the collaboration and document review process.

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AutoVue Integrations:

Organizations can easily integrate AutoVue into existing and evolving IT infrastructures. With its Web technology and open integration architecture, organizations can plug the solution into content repositories and enterprise applications and allow it to serve as the visual front end to all digital documents.

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