Accelerated Viewing of Complex Cad Files with AutoVue

AutoVue features a unique, network friendly architecture and streaming technology that accelerates the display of large or complex CAD documents on client machines. This is particularly useful in low bandwidth scenarios where sharing of large CAD data is most challenging.

Native CAD data is rendered on the server and a stream of information is sent down to the client machine in an on-demand fashion. This method ensures optimized performance and high-speed data delivery. As information is streamed down to the client, it is also saved and managed on the AutoVue Server as a streaming file, which speeds up subsequent viewing of CAD documents.

Streaming file sizes vary depending on the format type, size and complexity of the original file. The following table illustrates the streaming file compression for various CATIA parts and assemblies and Pro/Engineer files.

File Type Original File Size (MB) AutoVue Streaming File Size (MB) Relative Streaming File Size


CATIA V4/V5 assembly


Pro/E assembly


CATIA V4/V5 assembly


CATIA V5 CAT Product



With streamed data, users can begin viewing and working on complex 3D assemblies or multi-page 2D CAD documents after only a fraction of the data has been streamed down to the client, having a negligible impact on network bandwidth.

The following table demonstrates the amount of data that AutoVue streams to the client to support various advanced user manipulations and analysis.

In this particular example, the original file size of the assembly is 91 MB, with a streaming file size of 7.3 MB.

Operation Streamed Data (MB) Cumulative Data Streamed to Client
Initial View 1.816 1.816
Rotation 0.004 1.820
Partial Zoom 0.233 2.053
Additional Zoom 0.143 2.196
Additional Zoom (high-detail level)
0.140 2.336
Mass Properties (for entire tree) 0.756 3.092
Measure at high-detail level
0.000 3.092

Note that only a portion of the streaming file (3.09 MB) is actually transmitted to the client in order to support even high-level measurement and analysis operations.

Integrated with an existing Content Management, Product Lifecycle Management or Enterprise Resource Planning system, AutoVue delivers even greater viewing performance, by allowing for the pre-generation of these streaming files for every document stored in the CM/PLM/ERP repository. This allows for faster file access and display every time.

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