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Oracle Policy Automation

Oracle's innovative enterprise policy automation platform has been designed from the ground up for high performance mobile, public and private cloud deployments.

Here on OTN, you can find everything you need to learn about, download, install and develop with this industry-leading product family. For more on what Oracle Policy Automation can offer your business, see the Oracle Policy Automation portal.   

The Oracle Policy Automation Family

Follow the links below for more information.

Oracle Policy Automation Cloud Service

 OPA Cloud Service includes a full set of tools and integration options to automate and audit policies with Oracle Service Cloud, Oracle Sales Cloud or any other cloud or on-premise application. OPA Cloud Service includes:

  •  Policy Modeling and Hub   •  Interviews
  •  Service Cloud Connectivity   •  Web Service Connectivity
  •  Determination APIs

Oracle In-Memory Policy Analytics

 In-Memory Policy Analytics uses Oracle TimesTen database server for Exalytics in your private or managed cloud to provide rapid policy scenario analysis and planning. In-Memory Policy Analytics includes:

  •  Policy Modeling and Hub   •  Analysis Workspaces
  •  TimesTen for Exalytics Connectivity

Oracle Policy Automation

 Oracle Policy Automation is the private and managed cloud solution for modeling and deploying policies throughout the policy lifecycle. It provides flexible deployment and integration options, and includes:

  •  Oracle Policy Modeling   •  Interviews
  •  Siebel Connectivity   •  Determination APIs
  •  Mobile Deployment

New and Featured

Oracle In-Memory Policy Analytics
New to the Oracle Policy Automation product family, In-Memory Policy Analytics allows policy owners to quickly assess the impact of existing and proposed policy using real business rules and real business data.
Oracle Policy Automation - February 2015
Coming soon: the first release in the next generation of the Oracle Policy Automation product line, for private and managed clouds. Check back in early 2015 for more information.
Top Pick: Best Practices and Policy Modeling Tips (Updated May 2014)
The Oracle Policy Modeling Best Practice Guide has valuable recommendations for how to design and model rules using Oracle Policy Automation's unique natural language approach. And this Rulebase Polishing Presentation gives dozens of useful tips for delivering rich and natural-feeling interactive interviews and other decision-making experiences with OPA. Both have been written with the benefit of more than 10 years of practical experience in designing and delivering enterprise solutions using OPA, and are highly recommended reading for all skill levels.
Is Oracle Policy Automation a Good Fit for My Business? (Updated June 2014)
With all technology, knowing when to apply it is important. The whitepaper Is Oracle Policy Automation a Good Fit for My Business provides clear guidance on how to decide when to use (or not to use) Oracle Policy Automation.