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Oracle's innovative, high performance, enterprise policy automation platform is extremely flexible, with mobile, on-premise and cloud deployment options for a wide variety of technologies and integration styles. For automating complex policies, delivering self-service guidance and high volume decision making in both batch and real-time environments, Policy Automation provides a powerful foundation for delivering business agility. This OTN site presents detailed product information. If you're interested in what Oracle Policy Automation can offer your business, you want the Oracle Policy Automation sales and marketing portal.   

The Oracle Policy Automation Family

 Oracle Policy Automation Cloud Service
Cloud-based deployment with next generation policy modeling tools, and Oracle RightNow integration
 Oracle Policy Modeling
Transform source policy documents into executable rule models, using Word and Excel
 Oracle Policy Automation
Cross-platform runtime components for deploying policy models across your enterprise  
 Oracle Policy Automation for Mobile Devices
Deliver decision and advice applications for disconnected use on iOS and Android devices
 Oracle Policy Automation Connector for Siebel
Seamlessly integrate policy models with  Siebel, through workflows and UI
 Oracle Policy Automation Connector for Oracle CRM on Demand
Incorporate OPA interviews with Oracle CRM on Demand, for self-service and call center use.

New and Featured

New Cloud Service
The latest addition to the Oracle Policy Automation product family, OPA Cloud Service provides a cost effective means for deploying intuitive customer- and agent-facing decision-making advice portals, either standalone, integrated with Oracle RightNow or with any other application. View the OPA August 2014 features and benefits presentation for more information.
Latest On-Premise Release (May 2014)
The downloads tab has all current product downloads, including the latest release: Oracle Policy Automation 10.4.5. See also the Oracle Policy Automation 10.4.0 features and benefits presentation, and the 10.4.5 release notes
Top Pick: Best Practices and Policy Modeling Tips (Updated May 2014)
The Oracle Policy Modeling Best Practice Guide has valuable recommendations for how to design and model rules using Oracle Policy Automation's unique natural language approach. And this Rulebase Polishing Presentation gives dozens of useful tips for delivering rich and natural-feeling interactive interviews and other decision-making experiences with OPA. Both have been written with the benefit of more than 10 years of practical experience in designing and delivering enterprise solutions using OPA, and are highly recommended reading for all skill levels.
Is Oracle Policy Automation a Good Fit for My Business? (Updated June 2014)
With all technology, knowing when to apply it is important. The whitepaper Is Oracle Policy Automation a Good Fit for My Business provides clear guidance on how to decide when to use (or not to use) Oracle Policy Automation.
Tutorial - Limits, Thresholds and Preferences in OPM (November 2012)
This tutorial for OPA 10.4 shows how to use OPA to represent, determine and utilize preferences in conjunction with approaching a threshold or limit. The example utilized in the tutorial focuses on order fulfillment based on a preference of shipping the lowest cost items from inventory in multiple locations. The approach shown is useful in individual, family or annual limits when processing insurance claims, accumulating or deducting credits or points while processing preference ordered transactions or any situation where preference determination can be complex or preference determination policies change regularly.

Top Technical Information

Connector for Siebel
Oracle Policy Automation Connector for Siebel provides a comprehensive solution for incorporating OPA interviews and determinations with Oracle's flagship on-premise CRM solution. Get started with the Installation Guide, and on-line Developer Help for Oracle Policy Automation Connector for Siebel 10.4.5. 
System Requirements
An overview of all desktop and server software and hardware required and supported by all Oracle Policy Automation products, including all connectors, in summarized presentation format. Choose the appropriate version.
    For Oracle Policy Automation 10.4.5
    For Oracle Policy Automation 10.4.4
    For Oracle Policy Automation 10.4.3
    For Oracle Policy Automation 10.4.2
    For Oracle Policy Automation 10.4.1
    For Oracle Policy Automation 10.4.0
    For Oracle Policy Automation 10.3.1
    For Oracle Policy Automation 10.3.0
    For Oracle Policy Automation 10.2.0
Performance and Scalability
Whitepaper - Oracle Policy Automation Performance and Scalability (June 2010): Provides an overview of how Oracle Policy Automation's proven architecture meets even the most demanding enterprise scalability and performance requirements. Includes performance results for both interactive and high-throughput tests using a variety of policy models.
For More Information
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