PeopleSoft Campus Self Service Mobile Application Downloads

Campus Self Service Mobile version 4.1.1 is delivered as a Mobile Application Archive (.maa) designed to be opened in JDeveloper release and deployed natively to iOS and Android devices. Customers should download the latest updates for JDeveloper to install the latest ADF Mobile extension; specifically, customers should confirm that they are using ADF Mobile Extension or later.

This mobile application provides a smartphone interface to core Peoplesoft Campus Solutions Campus Self Service transactions. To fully deploy the mobile application, customers must also have licensed and properly implemented the Campus Self Service product. Campus Self Service Mobile version 4.1.1 requires a minimum maintenance level of Campus Solutions Bundle #34. (Note: Previous versions of Campus Self Service Mobile will also work with Campus Solutions Bundle #34 and beyond, although they will not have the changes and fixes delivered in Campus Self Service Mobile version 4.1.1.)

For more information on installing and deploying Campus Self Service Mobile, you can refer to Oracle Support note 1557671.1

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PeopleSoft Campus Self Service Mobile Application

Download Version 4.1.1 (3,226,382 bytes)

Download Version 4.1 (3,224,947 bytes)

Download Version 4 (3,228,474 bytes)

Download Version 3.1 (2,912,255 bytes)

Download Version 3 (2,910,653 bytes)



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