Database Performance & Availability Articles

(See also: Oracle Database 11g: The Top New Features for DBAs and Developers)


An insight into Oracle Flex ASM and its Benefits for Oracle Database 12c  [March 2014]
by Deiby Gómez (Oracle ACE), YV Ravikumar (Oracle OCM) & Nassyam Basha (OCP)
How “Flex ASM” and “Flex Cluster” support demanding requirements of Cloud Computing-oriented environments.

Automatic Data Optimization [November 2013]
by Arup Nanda
Learn how to enable information lifecycle management to automatically move data to lower-cost storage tiers and compress it.

Many in One [September 2013]
by Arup Nanda
Create many databases in one database instance with the Oracle Database 12c multitenant architecture.

Beginning Performance Tuning: Diagnose the Past [November 2012]
by Arup Nanda
Take the next step in diagnosing Oracle Database performance issues.

Understanding Parallel Execution [November 2012]
by Randolf Geist
In this extensive two-part article Oracle ACE Director Randolf Geist shows you how to get maximum performance out of the Parallel Execution features in Oracle Database Enterprise Edition.

Beginning Performance Tuning [01-Jul-2012]
by Arup Nanda
Resolve session performance issues in Oracle Database.

Get Your Information in Order [01-Oct-2011]
by Melanie Caffrey
Part 1 in a series on the basics of the relational database and SQL

On Deferring and Bulking Up [01-Apr-2011]
by Tom Kyte
Our technologist prefers not to defer and works to increase bulk.

Smart Scans Meet Storage Indexes [01-Apr-2011]
by Arup Nanda
Understand how Oracle Exadata uses storage indexes to speed I/O.

On Tuning, Planning, and Contexts [01-Mar-2011]
by Tom Kyte
Our technologist tunes data models, plans for partitions, and puts SQL in context.

Preprocess External Tables [01-Mar-2011]
by Arup Nanda
Use inline preprocessing on external tables to simplify extract, transform, and load operations.

On History, Invisibility, and Moving [01-Jan-2011]
by Tom Kyte
Our technologist counts on histograms, proves hash tables by example, and moves CLOBs.

Simulation Demonstrates Performance [01-Jan-2011]
by Arup Nanda
Use Oracle Exadata simulation in SQL Performance Analyzer to help predict how your application will perform on Oracle Exadata.

The New Master [12-Oct-2010]
by Sushma Jagannath and Naranyan Bhandi
Introducing the Oracle Certified Master credential for Oracle Database 11g.   

Using the Building on Storage [31-Aug-2010]
by Arup Nanda
Create sophisticated, feature-rich clustered file systems on Oracle Automatic Storage Management disk groups.  

Compressing Columns [01-Jan-2010]
by Arup Nanda
Compress more with Oracle Exadata Hybrid Columnar Compression.

On Constraints, Metadata, and Truth [01-May-2009]
by Tom Kyte
Our technologist uses constraints to improve query performance.

More New PL/SQL Features [01-May-2009]
by Sushma Jagannath
Improve performance in Oracle Database 11g with new PL/SQL features.

Guide to Oracle Data Guard Fast-Start Failover [March 2009]
by John Smiley
This document will guide you through configuring Oracle Data Guard Fast-Start Failover (FSFO) using a physical standby database. FSFO can provide substantial gains in high availability and disaster recovery preparedness for all environments, from inexpensive Cloud-based systems to global distributed data centers.

Improving Application Performance [2-Mar-2009]
by Sue Harper
Manage and tune Oracle Application Express applications with Oracle SQL Developer.

Baselines and Better Plans [2-Mar-2009]
by Arup Nanda
Use SQL plan management in Oracle Database 11g to optimize execution plans.

On Dynamic Sampling [18-Dec-2008]
by Tom Kyte
Our technologist samples dynamically, considers usage, and sets levels.

Managing Database Resources [18-Dec-2008]
by Sushma Jagannath
New features in Oracle Database 11g help you assess performance and limit I/O usage.

Encrypting Tablespaces [18-Dec-2008]
by Arup Nanda
Encrypt tablespaces transparently—without affecting performance.

New Ways to Flash Back [01-Nov-2008]
by Sushma Jagannath
Reverse transactions and track historical changes in Oracle Database 11g.

Keeping Active [01-Nov-2008]
by Arup Nanda
Use Oracle Active Data Guard to set up a physical standby database for reporting and recovery.

More Ways to Flash Back [01-Sep-2008]
by Sushma Jagannath
Query history and recover from corruptions with Oracle Flashback technology.

Using Database Advisors [23-June-2008]
by Sushma Jagannath
Get advice on key management challenges and improve performance in Oracle Database 11g.

Managing History [23-June-2008]
by Jonathan Gennick
Oracle Total Recall enables users to find, track, and use past and present information.

Compress to Impress [23-June-2008]
by Arup Nanda
Use Oracle Advanced Compression to conserve resources and improve performance.

Back Up and Recover [01-May-2008]
by Sushma Jagannath
New backup and recovery features in Oracle Database 11g save time and data.

Oracle Database 11g Redux [11-Feb-2008]
by Tom Kyte
Our technologist continues to explore Oracle Database 11g features.

Performing Through Changes [11-Feb-2008]
by Arup Nanda
Measure the impact of changes on SQL workload with SQL performance analyzer.

On Tuning by Tracing [01-Jan-2008]
by Tom Kyte
Our technologist does a tune-up with SQL_TRACE.

Better Workload, Better Testing [01-Jan-2008]
by Arup Nanda
Use database replay to record and replay database activities for better testing.

Faster, Safer, and Smaller LOBs [17-Aug-2007]
by Jonathan Gennick
Oracle SecureFiles provides increased performance, better security, and reduced disk usage.

More Partitioning Choices [17-Aug-2007]
by Arup Nanda
Learn when and how to use new partitioning schemes in Oracle Database 11g.

Recover in a Flash [17-Jan-2007]
by Arup Nanda
Reduce database recovery time, using the Oracle flash recovery area.

When Microseconds Count [26-Oct-2006]
by Jonathan Gennick
The Oracle TimesTen in-memory database is always ready.

Restore to the Point [26-Oct-2006]
by Arup Nanda
Use named points in time to roll your database back by using flashback query.

Become a Master [28-Aug-2006]
by Aradhana Puri
Step up from Oracle Certified Professional to Oracle Certified Master.

Partition Decisions [01-Mar-2006]
by Arup Nanda
Understand your partition choices, and choose the best partition and key for your data.

Faster Batch Processing [01-Mar-2006]
by Mark Rittman
LOG ERRORS handles errors quickly and simplifies batch loading.

New Features for Oracle8i OCPs [01-Jan-2006]
by Aradhana Puri
Upgrade from Oracle8i OCP to Oracle Database 10g OCP in one exam.