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Mastering .NET Application Development with Oracle

Learn best practices for crafting high-performance applications with .NET and Oracle technologies.

Whether you are a novice or an experienced .NET developer, you are always seeking new approaches for improving productivity across the development life-cycle, as well as the quality and scalability of your applications themselves.

This huge topic is impossible to cover fully in a single venue, but in this new Technical Article series, OTN has invited several expert developers and DBAs with deep experience on the subject to share some of their personal best practices in a practical, actionable manner. You will learn approaches for a range from processes, from basic tasks like returning query results from the Oracle Database via ref cursors, to securing a .NET application, to building and deploying .NET stored procedures in the Oracle Database, to working with ADO.NET 2.0. In each case, the authors provide sample code or even entire sample applications that vividly illustrate the task in question.

If you are just getting started with .NET and Oracle, we recommend that prior to beginning this series you review John Paul Cook's technical article " Build a .NET Application on the Oracle Database," which is an excellent introduction to the subject.

If you have any feedback about this series or wish to communicate your own personal experiences with .NET development on Oracle, post a thread in one of our Windows and .NET Discussion Forums.

Justin Kestelyn
Editor-in-Chief, Oracle Technology Network


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Part 1: Optimizing Result Set Retrieval Using ODP.NET and Ref Cursors
Learn how to use the power of ref cursors and ODP.NET to create powerful, flexible, and scalable applications.
by Mark A. Williams, Oracle ACE and author of Pro .NET Oracle Programming (Apress)

Part 2: Securing a .NET Application on the Oracle Database
Learn how to take full advantage of Oracle's built-in security features in your .NET application.
by John Paul Cook, database and .NET consultant

Part 3: Using .NET Stored Procedures in Oracle
A step-by-step guide to developing, deploying, and debugging your .NET Stored Procedures in Oracle Database 10g Release 2.
by Mark A. Williams

Coming Soon...

Part 4: ADO.NET 2.0, Visual Studio 2005, and Database Change Notification Support

Part 5: Integrated PL/SQL Debugging with Visual Studio .NET

Part 6: An Overview of ODP.NET Objects/UDTs Data Type Support


* subject to change

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